Sunday, 14 June 2009


Up bright and early in an attempt to be skinny despite people's latest crush on Beth Ditto. Four days into this detox, I am alive, I have cheated with 3 bananas (= 312 calories), 2 redbulls, and 2 coffees. Not bad for me, as I am a lover of protein and have had to eat more vegetables than I have ever eaten in my life. Standing straight on my scales and no longer holding onto the towel rail I can proudly come in at 60 kilos Of course I want to be less. I have a huge craving for buttered scones. I began to quite like the girls from Brazil yesterday, having wanted to stab them the day before. Shopping cures all and somehow brings a bonding, like being in the birthing rooms. We went to Top shop and I found a fabulous leather jacket to die for with short sleeves, so cute, for forty pounds. I actually have never had so much energy although I do have to be fed on time. I skipped the coffee enema, by the skin of my teeth this morning. I said I was making my bed instead and that it was Sunday. Sunday, luckily, is sacred and I don't think it goes with bodily functions. (I do hate sharing these dreadful things in front of people I don't know.) Today, Greta Scacchi reveals all by showing us her body. I had always been her greatest fan until, with a fish, she displayed all Come on, lets keep the myth that we are young. Personally, I don't like flesh showing unless it's perfect. I'd be happy to wear a burka, if it were not. I never understand the outcry that the west makes over the burka. It could rescue us from builder's stares - or in my case, the window cleaner saying to me yesterday: "I've had a crush on you for 17 years and will follow you wherever you live." Although flattered, of course, I wanted to lock myself in my bedroom, just in case he meant it.

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dan said...

loooks delicious but scarce,i am hungry? what r they feeding you for dinner?