Saturday, 13 June 2009


It is such a tricky decision moving, but I feel I have to. After seventeen years in the same place, Chester Square, London SW1, I don't want to be known as just a Belgravia girl who likes pavements. This of course is true. However, in the next few years I want to experiment with green. I would like to see the river and live horizontally not vertically. I have found my paradise in Chiswick Mall. When I mention this to my friends and children you would have thought I was moving to the moon. I am very flattered that people love me, but why won't they love me just as much if I live in Chiswick? With so much against it, I am beginning to think I am doing the wrong thing. Maybe I will be lonely on a cold winter's night. Maybe I will be socially ignored, perhaps I am paying too much, perhaps perhaps and perhaps. Between rats, damp, no friends and loneliness, I don't know what to think. Two days ago I drove out there and it was midday I arrived at !2.12pm. I was assured by my son just now that this is a one off. You see I imagine myself sitting outside with picnics on the banks of the River Thames, having my aunt to stay with her two girls, nearly my daughters as my cousin died. So I imagine a full house, lots of friends, fires, weeding the garden, listening to music, etc etc and still being able to make The Chelsea Flower Show, Lunch at San Lorenzo, Harry's Bar, Zuma and Scotts; still enjoy going to three parties a night for five minutes each. I can't really see the problem. I will just leave one hour in case of disaster.

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