Monday, 20 April 2009


Rushka Bergman, my lovely friend has done it again and transformed Michael Jackson with modern sharp styling putting him in a Tom Ford black suit and a Balmain black T shirt with sequins, topped off with a Balmain belt. Rushka is the stylist of Michael Jackson.
Last year she transformed me into Marilyn Monroe, which gave me so much fun... This year has been fantastic, and from feeling dowdy I am alive with exciting adventures..2 films, 3 book launches, an exhibition, and now I am Fashion Editor of GENLUX MAGAZINE, Los Angeles.. I can give credit to her brilliant styling, and my sense of adventure to follow her. Michael Jackson is a lucky man to have met her.
Can't wait for Mr Jackson to come to London, I shall get ready to watch for Rushka's sleek ideas, and his new appeal . Watch Rushka on You Tube.


Anonymous said...

And you were amazing in marilyn!

Stylist said...

Good job Marilyn, keep up the good work!