Friday, 6 February 2009



Mid morning I decided to take Betty Bui to meet Charles Saatchi, she wanted help with her Gallery in Paris and advice from this brilliant man. We arrived and went to his immaculate office in the basement of the the Gallery,on the Kings Road in Chelsea, white, huge and beautiful. Out of the blue Charles asked to try on my Chantal Thomas corset, laughing, I took it off and handed it to him, and within seconds he was able to get edges meeting, he has become very slender...then came the art... Betty nervously went through her artists, all were despatched to the trash... then his lecture began. Charles was sweet, he spent a good thirty minutes helping my friend, showing her how to get success, suggesting that she should take on some  new Germans and Americans new .. I was asked then  to help them with their education programme.. I will. 

Charles is always ahead of the game, with his new exhibition depicting the war mongering Middle East.  We in the West are troubled daily with images of blown out cars, mass destruction, burkhas and bullets.  So much bombardment, and we become confused what side we are on... Here in this quiet Gallery on a snowy afternoon, my senses awaken, to the cultural side of the Middle East. A lot is going on.  Only here can you put so many conflicting ideas and countries together, this time in peace.  He doesn't give a damn about the concerns of everyday politicans, thank goodness for that. My favourite piece was by Kader Attia, A piece called Ghost 2007.  Last year my friend Enricco Navarro did a huge tomb stone of a book to celebrate the artists there. 

Afterwards I went to see my old boyfriend, Dr  Jean-Louis Sebagh, the famous face guru.  He has his offices in Wigmore Street. I sneak in, because otherwise, I , like everyone else,  can be kept waiting for three hours. I caught him having breakfast in his kitchen..rice cakes. He loves showing me how thin he has become, his six pack is revealed.  I need to go just to check my dodgy age isn't beginning to show on my face, of course it is, but at least, after five minutes, I leave feeling that I am once again restored to eternal youth.

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