Thursday, 29 January 2009


Have been reading this book,  recommended by a great friend... Virginie starts off so well, that a dictionary is not an irritant, and you can't help but like her,  and you want to continue to do so .. Her wit is unsurpassed especially in the opening.   She does something amazing for women,this certain type of angry, beautiful Ice Queen, but I  personally don't really  want to be this type of woman or this angry. Instead they are females I admire at a distance.  You feel close to her with this distance. You can almost touch her, but she might bite... Virginie is a very clever woman with discreet elegance, however she would be irritated by me as I am far too joyful.  Whatever happens you should read the first eight pages...I managed to read the whole thing although I speak little or no French.

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