Monday, 27 February 2017


Do you remember the time at breakfast when newspapers were read instead of the computer, Facebook  and the power of the blog?. In the grander houses in England the ironed newspaper, prepared by the butler, broke the silence as we crunched on our toast and scrambled eggs, occasionally a sigh or tut tut was heard if the news caught our attention.  I remember my Father saying there was truth on about the 8th page usually hidden, he was the journalist and writer Anthony Cave Brown.  There was always a problem with truth and lies, and every newspaper has compromised articles depending on its politics. In the old days the Editors head would roll if he got the election wrong now they stay and irritate the opposition. There are simply not enough jobs for all those supposedly qualified to work in the industry. Ten years ago I set up this blog on the back of the knowledge that print days are nearly over. They are merely now a vanity project for their owners, they are expensive for the environment. They report what their boss wants and they neglect integrity which could go against them. After all they wish to keep their jobs in a world where there are few. A journalist has always had a scurrilous reputation  but now in England they form a psuedo elite having been educated in our finest Universities. Their papers have  puffed up opinions maybe articulately put but they are out of date and ready for the coffin.
Their lack of reasoning and ability to see into the future for either Brexit or Trump showed appalling lack of judgement in my opinion or most likely they were trying to persuade the nation to Remain and vote for the most corrupt political family of all time The Clintons. To me it was all obvious. While the Main Stream Media were still screaming using quills "Read all about it" there are the youth below the line investigating.
Why would the white Working Class of Great Britain and its Commonwealth, not rise up and fight against more globalisation and cry for their lack of employment and gloomy future. These are not money men working the day markets these were not the immigrants in the East End, these were Celts and Anglo Saxons giving their warrior cries. Why would they like Europe? They never did. We are suddenly meant to trust the Italians, believe the Greeks who never paid tax, like The Muslims that have taken over middle England, to like the French who want their food to be better than ours and join in with the Germans who wanted because of WW11 guilt to house millions of refugees.
The truth was there in the form of lone brave writers hidden in independent Blogs, like Alex Jones, Infowars, Stefan Molyneux, End of Times, Exposed truth,  Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulis etc taking risks where mainstream media dare not go.
Mr Podesta now takes a job as a journalist at The New York Times only discrediting it further and  where he can be the master of disinformation, along with his brother who writes at The Washington Post, another brother works there as a photographer so in positions to relay the news they wish to be out there. Skippy,  Mr Podesta's alter ego will be hidden.
 The top list of Newspapers all wrote about the benefits of globalisation and neglected the benefits of a spray tan and a willing bank account.

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