Saturday, 14 January 2017


With fake news being highlighted everywhere, truth is lurking and hiding in dark corners, I decided to be prudent for a moment and think.  Whenever someone says "Don't look", I feel they are trying to divert my attention,  I automatically have another look and another, just to confirm what I originally thought.
I have been down the rabbit hole of fake news and whilst some stories could be exaggerated, there is the saying "Where there is smoke there is fire" Take for example the possible insurance scam of The Titanic? A boat swap with the sister boat, The Olympic?  I will leave you to go down that hole.
It is a fact that the abduction of children and sex has been used to control people for many years, the MK Ultra program has been well documented within the world of The Illuminati, not everything should be discounted as a conspiracy, it is and was apparently used to cover up and control the misdemeanors of the elite so Pizzagate could be true.
However distasteful, it is a good idea to have your eyes open. I was talking about this subject several days ago and a perfectly normal gay man said he had been involved in just such a program and his boyfriend ended up dying in very strange circumstances.  These people do not look weird, they  mingle with us in very normal ways.
I also argued the case of freedom of choice and abortions, which for me is also a problem. 250 million babies are aborted worldwide each year. This is a genocide, women should be sensible and use contraception. Obviously,  in times of war, this may be impossible.

This week,  we were lectured by Hollywood, in particular, Meryl Streep.  We were told how to feel and how to think about Donald J Trump which only makes me more determined to support him. Discrimination towards Conservatives in this town is wrist-slittingly predictable. I am not interested in being told that I am bad if I approve of him.  To be rude continually,  is dreary. Their opinion was ignored and next week he will be Inaugurated unless he is assassinated. The lame ugly jokes were tiresome and their dresses lacked panache because of it.  There is something very boring about this year's Golden Globes, despite the optimism of the film  LALA Land, it was the endless negativity about the future President without any consideration that it could be untrue and that it is actually bad manners to be such an appallingly bad sport.  It was absurd when The Middle East is wrecked, 5 million refugees are everywhere,  all is blamed on Donald J Trump, who as yet has not held office.  Also flying around was the hacking blamed on Putin and not Julien Assange the real curator of Wikileaks.
Heavens. So much for political correctness. Obama is and was in power, lest we forget, and it was Hillary Clinton's  Foreign Policy and the will of the Liberal left wing which has often caused such hardship.

Meryl Streep  became ugly and distorted.  Her lifetime appeal went up in smoke as I made up my mind to never watch a film with her in it ever again.  We should also remember that Meryl was wearing an expensive over jeweled, ugly couture dress/jacket, her makeup was done and her hair too, all at great cost.  She is true champagne socialist like the rest of her associates.  I am tired of listening to badly thought out arguments about what Trump is going to achieve when he has not actually in office yet. We gave Obama a chance and what a lame duck he proved to be, charming yes and ineffectual. Lest we forget the American's are 20 trillion in debt and America's reputation is in a mess around the world due to its endless bomb dropping and fighting wars. Obama is charming but, with a huge B.

Talking about clothes I also think Ivanka looks better dressed than most of the Globe nominees. Let's be honest The Trumps are mostly well dressed, intelligent and well spoken. Give them a break and a chance to rule. Trump is well loved by his employees and was voted legally into office, so enough is enough or the whole of America looks foolish and unintelligent.

I wish the future President of the United States of America great success against these out of date thinkers who only think about their own Estates and lifestyles.
I would love to say the actresses were well dressed and that their films interested me, but this year nothing did. The winners were predictable and quite frankly not good enough. C'est la vie. Corruption. The ugliness of propaganda just bored me to tears. Shame.

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