Wednesday, 9 November 2016


The most exciting election in modern history came to a surprising conclusion two nights ago, not to me but to California and the USA. I knew it was going to happen I could see it.  I spoke about it, I was ignored and belittled. In Los Angeles they only see what they want to see and if you disagree you are thought to be mad or not intelligent. They were not thinking about the out of work man. They were not thinking about the trillions of debt and the damage to democracy of stopping Obama's ideas from working in the Senate. Donald Trump won even though the world was against him, media, banks, the comfortable middle classes all ignored the poverty caused in inner cities.

The reality style campaign of Donald Trump will continue now in the Whitehouse and many congratulations for fighting for the people against the corporations and mainstream media, using funds only from his pocket together with many thousands of small donations, Donald has hit the big time and triumphs. Behind him will be intelligent capable people to balance the flamboyance and drain the swamp of priviledge, insiders and corruption. He swept the map of America. There is a terrible spirit of negativity that it is the end of the world. There will be changes and it might not be easy, but it is exciting. Why people attack his physicality is funny but unkind.

This happened as nobody wanted to listen. Arriving in Los Angeles I realised people wanted to fight change and the unknown and would rather put up with the Clinton's corruption, that is if they even knew about it, because most people were not informed.  They were arrogant and asleep. They also did not allow discussion, they only believe what they want to believe from their comfortable drawing rooms in Beverly Hils. The agressiveness and superiority of the Liberal left was at fault. It is a democracy and as such people need to be able to speak their views without being shouted down, facebook dumped and ridiculed. The other problem is that if you do not follow the rule of law then there is no point in having it. The rule of law should not just apply to the poor but to the rich too.
Clinton's team thought this point unimportant but the country disagreed.

 Donald was fighting a different type of campaign and made use of the the Media's negative press, laughing it off or fighting back with outrageous lines. His achilles heal was alluring and the under dog wins. Hillary hit him hard and he hit back. They were a match made in heaven for the educated and uneducated viewer.

The good people of Middle America have had enough, the thought that they are not educated on the contrary this is an easy hit, and on another point these are the very people that the Liberal's are meant to represent, but have forgotten about. For the most part it was the out of work white man who had no hope. Factories had been closed and manufacturing moved. He had nothing to lose. They were ignored by the very people who were supposed to care about and Obama care was expensive. If only Bernie Saunders had been chosen and not Hillary you may ask? Well that would have been more inteligent, but the system was rigged and somehow Bernie lost out. However when listening to him properly he is not so far away from Donald Trump, as strange as it may seem.
When speaking to Democrats they would ignore their misgivings of Hillary Clinton wanting a woman to rule at all costs. Hillary was most qualified on paper but had problems in every direction. From Benghazi,Whitewater, 35,000 bleached emails, lying under oath, Huma Abadin, Funding by George Soros who also funds Black lives Matter,  claims of witchcraft, a mirrored ceiling giving her bad luck,  Wikileaks. Huma was caught with emails on her husband's computer under a file called "Life Insurance", The Clinton Foundation where funds from enemy states such as Algeria, Saudi, Quatar and Morocco,  were sent in order to have better positions with the Clintons, that is treason in most countries. Obama created a 20 Trillion debt and Obama care. Unfortunately they did not use an Encryptian service.
Mainstream Media were bamboozling us. They were bullying and then silent.

I wish America well, it is still the most incredible country in the world with the most wonderful attitude. Here in Los Angeles they want to separate. America is not America without them.
It is the land of fruit and nuts and on arrival here I knew that they were sleeping. Everybody I spoke to did not know the full extent of the scandals, they did not know about Wikileaks.

I can congratulate the following people for fair reporting  Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine, Alex Jones, Infowars,  Stefan Molyneux, Stone, David Icke, Andrew Neil,  Julian Assange and Wikileaks and the independent media for their bravery for fighting their battle.
Let's unify the world once the swamp is cleared up of corruption. Only you can ultimately look after yourself not the government and let's start with us, that we can control.   On another note doesn't the next First Lady, Milania Trump look great in the nude, she is an woman of today, if Kim Kardashian can do it so can she, stunning photographs from GQ.

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