Friday, 14 October 2016


There is something so stinky going on. So stinky. People really are blinded. Thank goodness for the brave people out there who say things as they are. Brave journalists at Infowars and Stefan Molyneaux, Hannity. Go for it. New York Times should be ashamed of writing such vitriolic rubbish and the Democratic party are over one way or another. In fact all politics as we know it today is finished and over. They are clearly worried about Trump and they should be, because he should be President. Remember Ronald Reegan?

No way I shall ever be "Compliant" even on my death bed. Deplorable is the way to go. The rest can rely on one thing and that it is Hillary Clinton who likes war, Her country sells America's weapons and she makes money on her backhanders. Hillary then hides this in her Foundation under bogus claims she does a lot for society yet does not help Haiti?  She has shown that it is she who has caused the mess in the Middle East. It was her murky foreign policy. She could have stopped it, she did not. These are facts. America makes a lot of cash manufacturing of missiles/guns, 35 billion a year the largest sales in the world and this was just in 2014 . WW111 is nearly here. "Of course" WIKILEAKS is Russian run. Give us a break, it is a small operation with one of its men locked up in an embassy. As they have a clean record of producing correct material you should read them.
 If there is a war it will be you Hillary  Clinton who started it with Obama. We do have brains and we have always been awake.
I say go with the DEPLORABLE LECHER and REBEL DONALD TRUMP and be BRAVE. If he mucks up we will BE ALLOWED to  scream and shout. 

It's okay for Bill Clinton to rape and commit crimes but not okay for Donald's locker room talk.  The truth is it's not great about either story but at least Donald's is all talk. Since when have you all been prudes, you are mostly up to no good yourselves. 

On a positive intelligent note, it is you the people who should fight Globalisation, war, and the New World Order, which by the way is looking very old fashioned to me, most of the people who are heads of it are now over 70, ready for their old age. Hillary is sick and old and needs her medicine.  It is she, Hillary and her crony's who are racist and xenophobic, talking about blacks, Catholics and anyone that does not agree with her very old fashioned ideas, in fact, all the Liberals are. I have never heard so much intolerance in my life. It is you the Liberal/Democrats that are unkind. It is you who are critical. Enough. No more. 
The press worries about the Kardashians and other stupidities instead of reporting important news. Covering up their misdemeanors with fake stories about Donald Trump. The problem is the stories the Republican's have on the Clinton's are true, well documented and dealt with. 

You people out there start to believe actions, not words.  Wake up. Stop taking the free grass in Los Angeles and smell and DRINK the coffee.

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