Friday, 30 September 2016


The world is a beautiful chaotic place these days and probably always has been. With the elections in the USA days away I watch my friends furiously debate who is good and who is bad. What they don't seem to see is that politicians are mirroring us. There has never been such a controversial pair of people in history. Lying Hillary Clinton versus Trickling Donald Trump.  I have never been one for politically correct ideas. I was blackmailed last week when someone who will remain nameless said "I want you to be liked in Hollywood, why are you voting for Trump" I am not voting I am commenting, I am not interested in being liked.

Scorpion Hillary Clinton in her red Chinese suit, who says anything and does anything she wants, trying to kill Donald Trump, has failed.  The Democrats forgot for  years that the government is meant to represent the people of America but with their dubious dealings, selling arms to Isis, dodgy emails.fighting in the Middle East, terrible connections they forgot about their own people.  Sadly I am disappointed in the very charming Obama fixated on a good game of golf rather than questioning The Clinton Foundation, the Clinton library in which nobody is allowed to know its contents. Then there are loads of  people who seem to be killed if they are too close including the lives lost at Benghazi, Vincent Foster, Whitewater,  Hillary's lies are too funny, she assumes wrongly that everybody is an idiot. Her aggression towards anybody who questions her is comical,  how can we believe her stories? It is rather disappointing that she thinks we do not have access to a computer, we are able to listen to Assange, founder of Wikileaks and his many associates. We are able to watch her being cross-examined We are aware that the main disruption in the Middle East today is due to her. We do remember she voted for the Iraq war.  Have we all forgotten Bill Clinton was impeached?  If the stories about Hillary having Parkinsons are true, why are we not questioning the email that states "What is the medicine for Parkinson's", Clinton could be fingering in the Oval office once more. Aren't we fed up with the Bush's and Clinton's ruling the world? America likes to have its fat fingers in too many pies. As for peacekeeping they are more interested war mongering these days. Never forget Hillary's father was tied up with the Mob in Chicago, Hugh Clinton, hiding behind his drapery business. Even at the Presidential debate, she had to cheat. Either she had some engineering keeping her standing, or she was clearly listening through an illegal ear piece and winking to Lester Holt. Was she a body double as many of the conspiracy theorists believe?. We all know you are desperate for your place in the Whitehouse Hillary, but do you deserve it? Many people believe you should be in jail for her well-publicised misdemeanors. Her comments that anybody who does not support her illegal activities is deplorable and racist. I think she should start clearing out her cupboards first we all have a good memory. Not one conspiracy theorist is on her side, now that is weird. They love controversy, just mainstream media that are paid for by supporters of Clinton.

The manipulation by Mainstream media, funded by large corporations is showing cracks with polls roughly 50/50. Thank goodness people are waking up, questioning what is happening. Thank goodness the honesty of government is allowed to be questioned. They are after all supposedly working for the people, not for themselves feeding their interests. Imagine if money in The Clinton Foundation actually went to help the poor in America/Haiti instead of Private Jets and secrecy?. We must be grateful to sites like Infowars and Molyneux to question what could be going on.

On the other side, we have Donald Trump and his glamorous family, Their ideas and wishes to make America great again. It may be too optimistic, but surely this is more interesting than the dubious salacious and avaricious activities of the elderly ill Clinton's? I know I would prefer  the prettier cleaner Whitehouse. As Donald was a Democrat once surely he can hover and appease those of you that are left wing? Can't you forget his haircut? The fact he is a business man. He is right though to fight the system. Do you want Nationalism which he represents or Globalism that Hillary sells?  Do you want Syrian's living in Detroit which Bill Clinton's suggested?

What if another scenario happened. As they are both controversial, what if they worked together?
 Together at the first debate, they looked like a bickering elderly couple who had been married too long yet perfectly suited to each other They should get married and rule together  because with each of their pluses and deficits are more powerful together. Hillary even appears to be cheating and winking at Lester Holt who also wore an illegal earpiece. What a surprise.

America is becoming worrying and democracy as we wish it to be is in the firing line, anybody who thinks out of the box is slammed.  America is becoming the laughing stock of the rest of the world as Hillary's lies are unravelled, despite the grovelling of those living in Hollywood. The fact is we need a humanitarian balance. it would have been so much more attractive instead of killing Donald, Hillary said, "We supported each other's children, we went to each others wedding, we have worked together, we have known each other for thirty years, I have taken your money,  let's do it again and make America brilliant again? We have together made politics more exciting than any football game. Yes, we are a dodgy pair, but we can do our best. The population has chosen us like at school, they have put the dodgiest ones in power in order to do good things?".
It would give us the population all hope.
Yesterday I went to a woman's tea in a grand house in St, James's. We had a lecture on the Astrological star signs of Clinton and Trump. She as a Scorpio is a killer. She is not good, she is a liar, she is a thief but Trump as a Gemini has a problem too. Although clever and I do prefer him, he has one opinion in the morning and is able to change it by the evening.  They are both colourful and charismatic. They are both dangerous. She is not a sweet grandma in pink and pearls but a wolf in sheep's clothing. Trump is vulgar, ostentatious, outspoken, noisy, but he has beautifully brought up children and intelligent too. He has a stunning wife and as far as we know, not an inclination to have many different mistresses, unlike the lying Bill Clinton. Donald usually, marries the latest. He has Pence, Trump has paid for the election himself with small donations that come from ordinary people, not large donations that Clinton has received from corporations. He also has fans in the UK. He speaks well, he is strong.
I am always inquisitive. I am interested in amazing things. Let's hope both their misdeeds can be put to good use as they move towards the 8th November, it has definitely been the most interesting successful election ever. For goodness sake don't think we don't know what is going on. We do not want WW3, we do not want to be rebuilt from chaos. We do wish to be solid and whatever happens in America directly affects the rest of the world. We do care.

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