Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Off course I am a Dominatrix darling.

I used to go on holiday to the glamorous Hotel du Cap, later I went to Maison du Cap my house in Ramatuelle every Summer, now my life is about easy access, a remedial bathroom, with rails and enough towels to wash an elephant at one of the beautiful serene Viva Mayr Altausee.  Everything here is the correct height and no more bending and kneeling. If my doctor had his way,  my maribou bedroom heels would be now replaced with white toweling flip flops. That is for everybody else but me of course, I turn up in my black lingerie. I am sorry I am not going to look remedial and downtrodden.  I was told to go for a walk today and take off my black thick tights and walk on pebbles with my eyes closed, then walk through freezing cold water, letting sunlight to my legs is a rarity, but I need the Vitamin D, it stops depression.
I seem to have the ability to  silence the patrons as I walk past in La Perla underwear outerwear.  Some say I was once on the cover of Playboy Magazine, others that I am a socialite, neither are true, but infamy rules . The reality is that this week I am trying to get Nancy Reagan thin, who incidentally wore cable knit pullovers to augment the arms to a normal size.  I want the black shadows under my eyes as I get emaciated.  Having felt starved for the last three days there are luckily good hotels in the vicinity who allow me to have the odd espresso to keep me going.
Really what I want to learn next is twerking but I would also need a giant bottom to be any good. It's the new must-have in California and judging by the Kardashian's curves, it gives you guaranteed success. You can purchase one also in London at the fabulous office of my old friend, Dr. Sebagh, where you can have your rump delicately pumped up with gel, plus you can get anything else you like improved too. He is a magician with the needle. However, have they thought what  the skin will look like, Bad enough when your lips looked like pork sausages, but a huge bottom and skinny legs. Imagine what it will look like at sixty.
 It seems we humans all want to be controlled by Aliens with Pokemon games and look like them, too. Aldous Huxley said that we would enjoy being taken over? Well, it looks like it is happening?

I have been told by a friend today that the only thing I lacked to be a  Dominatrix is the kinky, wet look thigh length,  boots with a channel down the sides for a riding crop made for kicking and hitting. I am informed that I have a Ph.D. in Manipulation. Charming.  The heels must be so high that they come with a health warning saying that I could get vertigo. With the thought of this, the room goes round and round and I need anti-nausea medicine. I need virtual reality goggles nowadays so that everything looks a bit more natural and normal.

Now I must get back to "InfoWars" and see when The End of the world is coming so I can get prepared, and watch the next episode of the Clinton/Trump saga, which is proving more entertaining than anything else. With Hillary's assistant being part of the Muslim Brotherhood, her emails, The Clinton Foundation scandal on top of Hillary croaking from Parkinsons, the supposed murders around them and Donald Trump the only person turning up to help those in Louisiana, what his hairdo will be like today, and his tax returns. The race continues but not through mainstream media as they always seem to get it wrong nowadays and are so only into Hillary that makes me raise my eyebrows as to balanced press/media. After all, Hillary has enough evidence against her, to supposedly land her in jail, only the Clinton's seem above the law?. Therefore, there is nobody better to listen to than Alex Jones, who enjoys terrifying the chocolate eater Clinton on an hourly basis, as the Grandma avoids being interviewed at all costs.  Before you all cry that I am a right-wing fanatic hold your horses, I am not, but I am a seeker of truth and the big "C's" look dead dodgy to me.  Today as I was chatting at the clinic telling my doctor all the latest election gossip he said to me "Which channel was I listening too" I said "The one that amuses me the most"

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