Wednesday, 17 August 2016

WE ARE BECOMING TOMATO KETCHUP PEOPLE take back our responsibility .

As I return to my past in London I realise that everything through Globalisation and political correctness looks like a run down Macdonalds, full of fat blobs fed on too much sugar, looking like an over ripe tomato with missing seams. Their brains fed with chips which they think come from Macdonalds too and not from a potato. People feel that subsidies are their right and pride is a sin.  So you know a potato is not a couch potato but a green beautiful plant.  Most people would not realise that the potato is from the Nightshade Family as is their Tomato ketchup. It is alkaline and the best food for the human in its original clean state. I am fed up seeing too much flesh on the high street with fat midriffs, where women stretch a size 12 dress over a size 18, or in the worst scenario a beautiful girl in the inappropriate kit looking like a hooker. Sophia Lauren is a hot tomato obviously handled by the right people.

Chewing gum art by Ben Wilson

The problem with friends when you wish to change or grow from a negative point to a positive point is that they feel threatened by not being your enabler, your fat enabler, your drink enabler, your spending enabler, in case you won't like them. When you wish to throw down their control they feel uncomfortable. They will defend where they stand, regardless if you wish to change yourself.
There are exemplary people who do their best for other people, unfortunately, there are too many bottom feeders who fill their lives up with someone else's, and afterwards act like the victim.
We have definitely become "Tomato ketchup"  people easily served in a plastic tomato with grubby fingerprints all over it, having been handled by all. It makes a nasty sound when you get it out. 
I walked along the Chelsea Embankment with little front gardens with beautiful trees and Stephanotis climbing over the railings and then I came to council area. Just because people live in rented accommodation and have no regard for the fabric of their building, since they are only going to be there ten minutes, does not mean that you need to festoon the gardens with used syringes and condoms and lumps of dried up dog shit and chewing gum. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan can see I am sure that London needs a very good clean. If we as individuals got out on the pavement and cleaned it and did our part, picking up rubbish and watered the hanging baskets, London would feel a lot happier, a walk along the road less precarious. I say clean our patch.

This should be our individual's responsibility,  not an organisation's,  and equally our health our business too. What about if when we felt ill, we got a blood test and then went to the doctor on the NHS it would be a hell of a lot quicker?. Let's take some pride in our appearances, our health, our behaviour and the places where we live in and think about others. Let's decorate the chewing gum by artist Ben Wilson.  I have to go now as sadly I have to scrape off my shoes.

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