Saturday, 6 August 2016


The  evasive deception by Mainstream media and Associated press across the globe especially the United States and the United Kingdom is truly shocking using nebulous misinformation to gain popularity whilst ignoring facts about the candidates.
Such breaking news as  "Hillary Clinton has a chance today because Trumpy has not combed his fringe". The point is  if he gets in he may do 4 to 8 years of damage, but if Hillary gets in it might take half a century to get tidied up. Is she really in touch at 70? He can still have babies she can't?. We want a President who can do things,  not one who can't do things. I can't verify if Trump's wife was a prostitute, but I do know that the lascivious drug addict  Bill Clinton likes a couple of cigars.
Despite the low turnout turning up to Hillary's rallies Trump draws enormous crowds.

We must fight the misinformation, which we the human being can do. Do we wish to be ruled by few very crooked individuals or can it be changed?  The fact that Saunders won ten election states in the USA but Clinton stole the nomination of the Democratic Party, shows this. It was the supposed squeaky clean  Democratic Party if you remember that started the Klu Klux Klan and Parenthood. Hillary was even a good friend.  President Obama is now standing up saying "Elections are not rigged" he must be terrified,  he even mentioned Mr. Trump. Why is Obama so worried about a supposed shining example of what America is about, Donald Trump? Why?  Obama knows the system well, he stole the 2012 election.  What has this charming man achieved? 19 Trillion in debt? Obamacare?  Mentioning Texas? Infowars and conspiracy theories, using disinformation to confuse people?. What about the 400 million dollars in blood money to the Iranians for the hostages? Totally illegal.  Despite us voting, elections are chosen by a few people against what the electorate want. Therefore there is nothing democratic about it. Election fraud is well known. We must fight against the New World Order.  Do we  truly want worldwide labor, religion, mass sterilization?  Do we really have a say at all when we are forming thoughts and opinions based on lies?.  We think we have a choice,  but those in power already know what we are going do. Our futures are already chosen, the police force, the big pharmaceutical companies the government and the religious institutions are all dictating what we believe, Who is our imaginary friend?

 There are  progressives and reformers and the "Elites" are destined to fall. Just watch it, Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn have both proven that the people are talking, taking power and wanting change.
I am a great lover of America but it truly needs to fight against what is happening. How can "crooked" Hillary Clinton with her fat ankles and soon to be murdered cronies win our respect after Whitewater, Benghazi,  their Foundation, and the supposed drug running while Bill was Governer, 90 friends around them killed including, Vincent?
Being "friends" with the Clintons might qualify you as being another casualty, being a friend of theirs seems truly dangerous? The emails? Wiki Leaks? Getting rid of Saunders?Yet the Democrats are trying to persuade us that it is okay? The rapacious appetite of Bills.  Luckily we can only be killed once. What's the matter with the left wing intellectual are they asleep?
Look at Donald Trump he won with landslides, otherwise, they would have got rid of him. For years he has been popular and now as he runs for President he is cheapened. Oh, what treachery. People were happy to take his advice and money for years.
Instead, America rubbishes him, a man who is principled, with clever children. He raised 97 million,  in three weeks for his election, the rest he has paid for entirely on his own. His congregations are full and Hillary 's are not?  They scream that his wife is a prostitute,  he is bankrupt, yet he gave jobs to thousands of people and is very reputable in his brash vulgar way. Is he giving money to Isis? No.  Has he murdered anybody? No.  He is, in my opinion, a businessman and that is why they do not like him, using his hair style to get rid him and the wall to box him in?
I would rather Trump have a dodgy hairstyle than a beard.
If everybody does not know where they are going, standstill, but realize that you are choosing to make a misguided vote on constantly morphing ideas to suit the mass media, the people running them, their minions with other people's millions, so think carefully and keep your own council.

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