Sunday, 5 June 2016

SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? It's my party and I will cry if I want to.

This week I have received pamphlet after pamphlet to either leave Brexit, or stay in Europe. The English generally want to leave and the visitors within this country wish us to stay. I really do not understand why anyone would remain and fight the dysfunction? Set up after the war it had good intentions for prosperous trade, peace, and free movement of people within it. We entered later than anyone else and had to put up with the unfairness of our deal, at the time of Maggie Thatcher we were paying roughly three billion this has increased after subsidies to 9 billion.

Some people wish to stay for freedom of movement, for fear of change, for cheap roaming charges, for cheap holidays and flights,  but frankly why not have properly run borders and keep passport control in place?. It seriously does not harm anybody. As for roaming charges, "What's app" does the trick and there are always cheap holidays on offer. We have of course benefited being part of Europe, but sometimes it has been at the cost of our labourers eg the Polish Builders against the British, the Uber drivers against our Black Taxi's, good Italian food against our Sunday Roast, and many other complaints. People are nervous of our too strong pound falling, and property prices collapsing but this is unrealistic if the pound drops we are likely to sell more houses.
Despite the original good intentions, the  European Union has become a failure of mounting paperwork, bureaucracy, endless committees without voting power, price fixing, extravagant expenses, heavy costs, and poor trade deals for Great Britain. The MEP's get a whopping £300,000 pounds a year and the guarantee of benefits. The MEP's could have sorted this all out between them, but their greed took over.

There is no need to have trade deals, as they are not a necessity.  If people want a car they can buy one easily if they think it is the right price, and they can buy it over the net. The other problem is the price fixing, especially regarding the food mountains, as there are millions dying of hunger in the world, it is all a bit sick.

The argument to stay or leave is not classist or racist as suggested, but the Europeans and those representing us, are. When I checked the people representing the English, I found out they are mostly old school, so the argument you do not want to be run by the elite is out, as they are representing us there solidly. It is not a Parliament as we know it.  There is no democracy. It is run by big organisations like Morgan Stanley.  Europe is a stagnant economy whereas the rest of the world is not.  Then there are thousands of petty laws make it nearly impossible for small businesses to succeed. For example, there are 5 laws for pillow cases, 10 laws for alarm clocks, 32 laws for toothbrushes, shampoo has 118 laws, 1,200 laws for bread.

Mona Hatoum World Map with lights Tate Gallery

The situation in the Middle East is distressing and regrettable and my thoughts go out to the refugees. It is a vast, complex subject with history. We must not make these unfortunate souls bear the brunt of the EU debate.   We have been interfering in the running these countries off and on, for years. Libya was ruled by the Italians, etc etc. As far as I presently can see , we should not have removed the people running them, but then we needed the oil and wealth of these countries. Are you aware that Afganistan has gold and diamonds too? It is not only about oil pipelines but about minerals.
As we welcome these other cultures with their strong ethnic way of life,  they clearly do not wish to morph under the Great British flag. Although we take down our flag and Father Christmas to not offend, what about us?  Statistics show we are a very limited country which has extended the arm of kindness to the point of weakness. We are compassionate and send millions to the starving around the world, yet we have our own homeless.  We have a limited pot. If we are contemplating not affording to not look after our own disabled  and can't house our own warriors then we should not think about other Nations.  How can we give out food parcels when in England we are giving out the red voucher for the food bank?

Let's have a bit more Made in England, a bit more Mary Porter. Learn to look after our own animals, grow our own vegetables, keep our fishing rights and bring back industry and apprenticeships and our own bread making techniques. Look at the success of companies like Daylesford's who do exactly this in a very English way?
If we stay in we are unlikely to keep our National Health Service which is the safety net for our society and it promises to be dismantled in Belgium shortly.
Why are we paying EDF for our electricity and what happened to LED?
There are many more problems but let's start with these?

Never forget as the fifth largest economy in the world,  the world is our oyster and we can import and export on a World basis.
Let's make Great Britain great again.

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