Friday, 25 March 2016


When I see gold buttons on a jacket in a shop I want to put it on.  Smart double breasted two rows of buttons and almost any jacket in any colour thrills me and I want to buy it, Michael Jackson clearly felt the same. Uniforms for me are sexy and always have been, there is structure to them, a health regime, a better nipped in waist, physical discipline.  I like feminine authority to be a force to be reckoned with.  Unfortunately, there is no real Hollywood Glamour, Irene of Hollywood is not making any gowns anymore.  Travilla who made Marilyn's dress is not available as he is knocking up the daisies. Most of the designer's people are wearing at the Oscars were simply not good enough. There were not intricate patterns to make a body the right shape. You want to look good at every angle. Nowadays you can buy really cheap clothes but you must look in a mirror and look your bottom.  I am the black queen but I like a dash of turquoise, pink, green or white. I hate huge flowers on the bottom and generally I love tailoring.

The styling of Rushka Bergman  is excellent if I am going to learn anything from anybody, I like her vivacity, her belief in a system that is slipping away quickly.
I generally dislike peddle pushers because unless you really suit them you look terrible. I think over 50 "girlie" is a problem, my little black dresses can make me look young from behind and then, turn around and my salad days are over. I love looking womanly, elegant, slim, a queen, I like to look a mysterious woman, it's why I like to go the Mayr Clinic, it's why I have bright blonde hair and a dash of red lipstick. It is all very well to look androgynous but you need to be a woman too.


 I cannot get excited by this dreadful new fabric made out of acetate, that catches you across the bosom, I do not want cheap and nasty throw away clothes. Vile. I do not want to look like the music teacher or the librarian. I do not want to look like everybody else, I do not want to dress head to toe in recognisable labels. Sadly, I was the only person the other day wore a hat  with a veil at a funeral. I have seen incredible clothes, I am not like everybody else. It seems people are not looking to see if they look alluring?. I do not want to look matronly and I do not want to look like a Russian hooker.

I do not need any other person to assemble me, for better of worse, I like to wear what I like to wear. Beware of spending money to buy "style" you cannot buy style but you can lend beauty.  Last week I went shopping for clothes and it wasn't the big names I bought but the next layer down as the fit was better, the cut more suitable for a female figure The fabric more tactile. I got compliments from journalists at The Daily Mail and Liberatum this week for my Alexander McQueen jacket. Sarah Burton has continued Alexander's strong look, I however. have clothes from twenty years ago which are powerful and I can still wear.
People forget today to wear gloves  they are so useful, they make middle aged hands elegant slim and you can dress them up or down, whether you add a ring or buttons. The choice is yours. I also love broaches rather than necklaces as they are more comfortable. I love little fake diamante broaches in the shape of butterflies and animals. You can find so many in vintage shops. We have allowed practicality to rule and not individuality.  P.S Make sure you have clean knickers on as you may get run over. Any clothes that mimic sex organs work, look at Audrey Beardsley drawings. This look is not politically correct, nowadays women seem to like donkey jackets, floral skirts, leggings and plastic shoes, pas pour Moi.   I want to look like the women in How to Marry a Millionaire or Gilda, Marlene Dietrich in Blue Angel.

I went around to Dr. Sebagh's the other day and he applied the fantastic machine to my skin. I then went with Trinny to find makeup, my make up was too thick by Dolce Gabbana, the foundation too white and instead I tried Terry's Densiless Foundation. I do not care who makes the makeup as long as it keeps me fuckable, and ten minutes younger. I do not want to be some flabby middle aged washed up old bag. The makeup looked so thick that I looked like Kitty from re runs of Gun Smoke.  The whole point of makeup is to make old skin, young. Otherwise, what I am doing it all for? Trinny knows her stuff as we went around SpaceNK in Nottinghill Gate. Really I like to have a thorough beesting and the makeup has to be high performance, shag proof. I do not like shiny makeup it looks great on women of colour. I felt jealousy as they looked beautiful in bright blue eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick. Not many white women can carry that look off.  I think they are best left in a bubble pack, as a free gift on the front of Woman's Own. Women's Weekly have fabulous throwaway sunglasses you will need them for the iridescent palettes. I was rescued by Trinny just before I became Baby Jane Hudson.
I am rushing out now to grasp next months copy of Italian Vogue.

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David Jolley said...

I love your are a lovely, elegant woman, in both mind and body.... :)