Friday, 10 April 2015


It is that time of year when I remember beautiful things. I love the spring in April in London. Charles my son was born on the 15th and I felt I had given birth to Jesus. It was also my Mother's birthday and since her death I definitely appreciate all the wonderful things she gave me. The confidence that you could fly, you achieve anything through a smile and a good attitude. Of course most of the time I was a bolshy bitch, but boy I have to hand it to my Mother, she did her best to feed my ambitions. Then it is also the birthday of my wonderful friend Miss Julia Laverne who has pushed me into being her favourite "Dolly" who at this moment in her dreams is  being photographed  by Frank Powolny, and wearing a dress by Helen Rose in Party Girl. This is why she cannot get impressed by Balenciega, Her make up at this minute is being done in her head by Wally Westmores. The  geniuses behind contouring. No, Kim Kardashian was  not the first person to make use this, all actresses used this method for black and white films from the start of the movie industry.
I am happy in London, with the best view of the river, the sound of laughter with my wonderful friend Rushka Bergman upstairs in a bedroom overlooking beautiful gardens of Cheyne Walk.
The Magnolia trees are blossoming, and their petals are gently falling to the ground.


Rushka I met in 1998. I had gone to get my photographs approved at V Magazine in New York, but they were all nudes and they wanted me to do fashion. I did not really get the concept of just fashion then. I rang my then friend who ran an agency there, and she told me to go round to her office and choose a stylist to work with. To get photographs suitable for the "Fashion World". I went and there I found in amongst the ordinary middle of the range stylists my now friend "Rushka". Her work was so inspiring.  Old historic faces from the middle ages stared back at me, beautiful romantic photographs that she had worked on. I knew she was the girl for me. I met her and immediately we started washing up together, cleaning of all things. I soon learnt that Rushka said the word "Ridiculous" as if it was created just for her in the Hollywood Dream factory and I equally love my photographs we made together. Although we were told off for doing romantic, photographs with bicycles and lace, they are still some of my favourites. Luckily they went into an exhibition called Peep with the Proud Galleries, and later on accompanying my poetry in Cloak and Dagger Butterfly.
Rushka after Isabella Blow suggested I turned myself into a version of Marilyn Monroe which led me to be The fashion Editor at Genlux Magazine. I believe truly that Rushka Bergman did more for Balenciega than Balenciega. When I look at vintage Balenciega I see matronly gowns and coming out dresses. Rushka, made the brand hip, as did the designers, Nicholas and Andy. Truly most of the big houses she celebrates in her huge wardrobe, she gives elegance and personality to.
In my mind, however, you cannot beat the stunning designs of Hollywood's heyday. The dream factory. The clothes of today do not make you into a star, the labels just make you look like a rich
caked up street person, most of the time.
To have equality you have to drag everybody down a long way. Hence my dislike of the Labour Party. I like individuals. Great Britain is famous for their individuality. Not everybody wants to be greyish. We all after all come from nothing and leave with nothing.
Instead let's bring back glamour chiffon round the shoulders and feathers at every opportunity. They are for the bedroom. They sweep the floor like nothing else. Let's also bring back the dress maker.

So much has happened that is incredible in the last few years.
Beautiful things. Rushka has had the vision to immortalise many people in Italian Vogue, L'uomo Vogue, by styling clients like Kim Kardashian, Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, The King of Pop, the late, Michael Jackson and last but not least the little eccentric button of woman Nicki Minaj, pink long nails, talons for scratching.

It's not fashionable to be nostalgic, but let's be honest few have true glamour. Nobody wants nostalgia because it will make everything look so very drab today. I like real talent, I like people who can really sing and really dance, and really create. Nicky has the "IT" factor.
I am going to finger my collection and decide who I shall be today.  I want to be a woman first, then a sexy woman, Maria Schell? Do you remember her?
I certainly do not want to look like an avaricious grasping nagging wife of a Russian tycoon. I shall remain the same and go from show business to suicide and back again.

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