Sunday, 11 January 2015


What to wear for the red carpet award season?. Yesterday for The BAFTA tea party I dressed in a black Valentino Day Dress with a white inset in the front and a white bow, I removed the scallop hem as it actually did not suit me. A woman made me feel great,  by saying, when I left the Sofitel Hotel, "I want to be you". I had also in my wardrobe a black jacket with a white collar, by Mui Mui and it luckily matched. It was pouring with rain and my eyes hurt a little as the glue from the extra lashes made my eyes water, so thank goodness for my new glasses from Chanel with a gold trim.

BAFTA tea party

I sat with the actress from Ida whilst I had my hair done at Le Salon in Sofitel. A new luxurious private salon with A lister stars from Film and Television having their hair and make up done, and I knew I was in the right place. Usually I am in my room, for beauty, but this time I wanted to experience hotel life at this time of year.
The actress that starred in the Polish film  Ida had never been in a film before n'or was she an actress, so she sat there a little overwhelmed, and she was with the daughter of the director of the film. Ida has been nominated for 65 films. Totally impressive, imagine filling all those forms out? I made a film last year, The gun the cake and the butterfly and managed with my brilliant PR, Xaque Gruber from Andrew Freedman to get 7 nominations and 5 wins. Those film festivals took up all my time, so imagine the effort and work on 65.

Le Salon at Sofitel, for THE AWARD SEASON.

Anyway getting back to the awards where most nominees had definitely had been "spray tanned" and turned orange for the evening. Most of the mens hair had gone three shades darker than normal so that they become truly unrecognisable,  except for the tasteful George Clooney, whose luscious grey perfect hair makes him the winner. His wife Amal the best dressed in a simple black Dior dress with white gloves all such good taste. Saying the correct things, how much he felt solidarity to Europe and he and his wife wore pins to prove it.

I loved the drawings by
Which turned into totally stunning and beautifully made dresses  that covered up the jokes made during the evening. There is something about award ceremonies that makes everybody educationally subnormal. All too gushing with awkward gags.

Pleased for Eddie Redmayne, in The Theory of Everything, Hotel Budapest, Julieanne Moore, The Affair.

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