Tuesday, 18 November 2014


"Tell me about Liberatum" Tim Blanks says to me as I sit down for dinner. Tim Blanks is the writer behind Style.com. I met him years ago when he came to my house to do an interview. It was at a time when I was nervous to speak to any member of the press because they can make you and break you. Handsome, in a cuddly way, and so so charming I had great placement. I did not have time to answer as I was soon whisked away by Pablo Ganguli the CEO of Liberatum to sit with Francis Ford Coppola, the man whose party it was, he was sitting with Valerie Wade who owns the furniture store on the Fulham Road, and pieces are splattered throughout my house. That is the way of Liberatum, you will be moved in many different ways.

Ever since I saw Apocalypse now, based on The Vietnam War,  I have been a fan of Mr Coppola. I was nineteen when I watched the cow sliced in half. I asked him about it last night. He told me it was not planned, just that the people of the region were primitive and that they often did this, and he was lucky enough to come across it and film the scene. I said it had left a lasting impression. Actually I left the cinema and when I eventually watched it, I did so through my fingers. If you have not seen the film you will find it very powerful. Then there is of course The Godfather, and many more.
GIA COPPOLA wearing Louis Vuitton

Pablo Ganguli is able to pull anything off. He is passionate about what he does and last night the invited included Jeremy Irons, Terry Gilliam, Eva Herzagova, Bianca Jagger, my ex-husband, Stephen Jones, Nicky Haslam and so many more from new to established talents.
Nicky Haslam, Rachel Johnson and Gavin Turk.

Liberatum merges the artistic worlds providing a platform for people who are 'like minded' to exchange thoughts. He is generous with his his time and his address book. Whereas most people divide to rule, he happily puts everybody together in a room. Politicians, actors, writers, musicians all sit together to hopefully create a better world. Pablo has made two short films on the art world, the latest is here on the moment of "Enlightenment and Transformation withW Hotels. Last year he organised my film, The gun the cake and the butterfly, to be shown in Miami Art Basel  I am a frequent guest of the Liberatum Family.  Tomas Auksas his boyfriend is the same age as my son Charles and so we spend a lot of time together planning and creating.  Charles sung at the Conran dinner.
Pablo/Liberatum's greatest quality is that he lets you decide what and who you like, not the other way round.

 Last night was hosted by The Bulgari Hotel.
Best Photographs of the night by Purple

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