Friday, 24 October 2014


At the moment I have nothing to say of any relevance, or that is politically correct. On the contrary I feel like shutting my mouth and saying nought. The saying goes "When in doubt say nought" This sums up my feelings this week.

Grayson Perry
Frieze came and went and I fell in love with several pieces which until my house is sold, I can forget. I will need a further five thousand feet in order to place all my artwork, as the storage bills are mounting.  I adore collecting art. Frieze Masters was where my heart was and I had to escape and walk the length and breadth of Regents Park in order not to collect one more thing. The art world followed the Film World and I went to the last night of the London Film Festival, starring Brad Pitt in Fury. Definitely a boys film.

Luckily The National Portrait Gallery was at hand and I could enjoy Grayson Perry's new show "Who are you?" without putting my hand into my pocket. I totally fell in love with his images of real life stories in modern England. The mixed race, same sex marriage, with an adopted girl. The white girl who wants to become a Muslim.  The migrants, the religions.Using China, writing and tapestries, he has created lasting images of what Great Britain has become,  all neatly wrapped up in the safety of one large tapestry note. He questioned our need for the crass, showing people to be materialistic liars, yet he does it with humour and lashings colour. He is the genius in the art world of today. He is thought provoking, and I am happy to own a tiny mug he created when he first started. Yes I am his biggest fan. His art hung against the normality of other portraiture from another time which included interesting pieces and a fine example of Her Majesty The Queen. I met Grayson when I photographed him for my book, British Artists at Work which I created with Assouline and Franca Sozzani at Italian Vogue. His enjoyment of being a cross dresser is an art form in itself.

In the Sainsbury Wing, Rembrandt, The Late Works. The master of The Selfie,the lover of light and religion equally kept me thinking, Examining himself in different way. I could have spent all day in this wonderful Gallery. I ended up with the Tudors, the engineers, the war mongers and religious new order, A rainy day turned into one of the best days this year. He is not flattering and he doesn't care what people think. He is interested in thought obviously.

I arrived back home to find a dreary comment in one of the papers that I have said that it is tricky to find a house under ten million in Central London. Indeed?. What I meant was that the cost of a house in  the London property market increased at a tremendous rate. There is little to buy in central London under 10 million, if the journalists bothered to ask me, I would give them the data that I have collected of both sold and for sale houses. They tried to make a joke of something that is serious. They just have not done their due diligence, because if they had they would see I was right. Incidentally my house is not pink, I just have a pink sofa or two, it is white. Having had three offers in one month, I think, Grayson and I correct in thinking that there is huge amount of  migrants, both rich and poor.  The first street I bought in was Battersea, the house cost 28,000 pounds, it is now 3.5 million-12million. In Barnes and Richmond houses are between 2.5 million and 12 million. Central London, Chester Square is now 15 to 25 million and Cheyne Walk too. I think Grayson's work fits in with this entirely as does the words  of the band "The Last Internationale" reminding me of Patty Smith in her youth. Young vibrant and full of hopeful ideas which will soon change with their brand new shoes.
Of course there are smaller places as well, I am looking for a 4 bedroom house for my children and I.

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