Saturday, 28 June 2014


Flying to New York for one and a half days is a natural killer. I packed so much in from seeing Larry Clark's fucked up, charming, erotic, vulgar photographs of humans making love like sardines in a can. Oily and smelly. You could feel everything at Luhring Augustine, the brave gallery to take on his work. Larry is charming and I was happy to spend some moments with him before Pablo Ganguli's, Liberatum event at the W Hotel about social media. Larry's memory is excellent and he remembers the smallest details, a breakfast we had together with the gallery owner Simon Lee, where I promised to ring him and did not.
Still attractive, if not brittle Larry can shake the world we live in. You understand AIDS from his work, you understand greed and the lascivious behaviour of the 1970's. You understand why the world has gone so wrong, and yet not.
I also had time to visit another show, Shameless at the Unix Gallery, by Eugenio Merino, which showed the evil world leaders in incubators, alive yet dead in the freezing tombs of a Coca Cola freezer. Upright and slightly bowed the immaculate leaders were as untouchable in death as in life.
Well worth a visit. Some alien masks were at the back of the gallery attached to skulls. I loved both shows.


I squeezed in an opportunity to visit my favourite salon in New York, John Barrett. I love his staff, excellent and humorous, I came out of there looking very glamorous, having had my hair curled by Serena and make up done by Kiki and Marco, using the brilliant products of Tom Ford.
I then did some shopping in Barneys where I fell in love with surprisingly cool Ungaro dresses. They looked like couture dresses, beautifully made with unusual shapes. The designer, Fausto Puglisi, knows how to sculpt a woman, and if he is good enough for Madonna, who dresses beautifully then he is definitely good enough for me.

My sons have flown from the nest and that is both wonderful and painful in one glorious moment. Painful because I no longer see them as much, children need to see their parents on their own terms it seems. I find I am there for them, but rarely needed, which is good. They know what they want and are not insecure. Of course it leaves a gap in my life. My whole existence is questioned, I am not depressed or sad about it, but as a normal woman, I sit and think, what shall I do now? I have many interests, and will write a new play. I will fill my life with yoga, thought, writing, art and fashion, and when the boys have time see them. However, the real things in life are family and closeness of that web, it took me a long time to see it. Too long. I was so happy yesterday as I left Heathrow airport to find my youngest picking me up in my car. It is like his first day of school. It made me proud.

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