Sunday, 4 May 2014


I think I have to move and adapt my Mojo, I like men so step forward you beautiful creatures. Let's face it, long marriages lasted before because there was no internet to make a mess.  Long marriages break up because of Facebook and the mobile telephone. So be careful and be tactful, or just don't do it. You used to get dumped face to face, now you get dumped with a one line text and no response.
Sometimes you are even lucky to get a text. 
My mother,  fought for independence, she was a 1960's girl, burning her bra and wearing mini skirts that just about covered her pants. Fighting for equal pay. I am however a lover of the male species, I like spending time with them, learning from them. I have at any one time about 5 in my house. However, the more useful men, who can arrange flowers, talk about clothes and make up are of course of the other persuasion. I always thought that five minutes with a gay man was five minutes of my time wasted. How wrong I was. They  look appetising and smartly dressed before and after the age of 50.  In this very gay friendly town of Los Angeles they are easy to hang out with and seriously fun.  I went to the bank yesterday with my friend Justine Glenton and the bank manager said "Were we married?" I am clearly very old fashioned and I did not realise that he was being politically correct. I just don't look at women in his way. 

On another note I never realised before that being a cover girl was a full-time job.  After this week of being photographed non stop I feel that it keeps people away rather than draws them closer. I promise you I am still very touchable, however it is like a thin line is drawn between you and normality. They look at the magazine and then people look at you. People are very serious and talk to me in hushed tones  like I was a queen rather than Amanda. Well I am still Amanda so don't be fooled.  I have never chased fame, or I would have done it earlier, rather I chase having fun, living life to the full and enjoying as much of it as I can. I like to stretch its limits.
That reminds me I went to see the Vortex today at the Malibu Playhouse and it was brilliant with Craig Young stretching Coward's early text to the limits. It left chills down my spine.   Written in the late 1920's it was his first play and boy it touched me. It is on for two more weeks and all of you who love this English writer should see it. Especially moving as it describes a woman's deep fear of ageing, and her need to be admired, and her sons need to be heard.  Some great lines.

Last night I went to Lydia Hearst's cover party at Genlux Magazine. I shared the cover with her as I was representing Britweek on the previous cover  and my film The gun the cake and the butterfly. Nikki Lund walked in and looked incredible, off the set of some new startling sci fi film.  
A busy  and very exciting week, where gave birth. I was dealing with internet conversations which I have to learn about. The site as I explained before, is a place to keep special memories. I wanted to hear my Mother sing once more, as it was the only time I didn't want to kill her.  I wanted to hear my Grandfather laugh.  I wanted to remember my personal stories, to remember great friends that I love for instance David Collins, wonderful architect and designer. My friend who so helped me in my divorce. Who made me laugh with his wit and clever ideas. I want to remember present memories. I want a Wikipedia of all my friends lives not just the famous or infamous. 

The only boring thing this week was my telephone which got drowned in Mulberry Love, the new diet drink, full of nutrition. Well clearly I was meant to lose a few numbers.

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