Saturday, 25 January 2014


1.  They have incredible charm to creep into your web.
Charming superficially, without substance and yes, men, beware.
2.  They can be very attractive, can use make up, dye their hair and wear glasses that they do not need, so be careful, "Handsome is as handsome does"; remember the quote.
3.  Very clever, they can be helpful and knights in shining armour or Joan of Arc.
You may be crying and they put their arms around you making you feel safe.
4.  Often use an illness to make themselves interesting.
They can use cancer...
5.  Will be deceitful, often having several similar situations that they can rely living off.
They may take weirdo time off to see others, leaving space that you might not notice.
6.  Think cuckoo and watch you are not pushed out of your nest.
They may try to take over everything from your banking to paying your bills.
7. They may be married, and they may make you feel that they have rescued their partner from something.
They may say they have some drama going on.. yeh yeh yeh..
8. They may be some James Bond or Lara Croft type figure.
They may say that they are a killer, or a kidnapper, or work as some Russian agent. Believe people only when they are in your room.
DUKA SUKOLI Playing the part of the Conman/gaslighter in The gun the cake and the butterfly.

9.  Watch out, they may isolate you from everybody you know, by saying they are not your friends.
They may write to your friends telling you that you are mad, whilst getting rid of the people you trust. They may use there own or false identities to do this. Setting up fake email addresses are easy, and so you know the IP address changes, They all lead back to the same address but tricky to catch on hotmail.
10. They use sex to entrap you, either making love too much or too little, or maybe not at all.
Sharing a bed without sex is annoying.
11. They never let you touch them and have phobias about cleanliness.
The may over wash, wearing face cream to bed.
12. They prey on your curiosity, Be careful of all dating sites, never meet anybody in your house, and never lend your computer.
They may bug you for a year, and bugging your telephone is easy.
13. They may live off social security whilst taking cash payments from you.
14. They may not have a UK passport, and they may have several.
15. They may tell you that they left a  fake dead body in their girl friends bed and she aborted her baby.
16. They may say that they are unable to drive and definitely they don't help you watering the plants.
17  They may claim to be a vegetarian and a non smoker and your friends may catch them out.
18. They may be subject to a police investigation, or even been in prison.
19. They may have a poor grasp of British punctuation.
20. They may be able to morph into your ideal soul mate.
21. They may claim to be inventing things which have turned out to have already been invented.
22. They may claim to speak languages which they can't understand.
23.  They may pull at your heart strings and know what makes you have compassion.
24.  They may watch porn sites and only like women with swinging tits, or men with biceps.
25.  Your friends may warn you about them and you might not listen, but think about it.
26.  They may make hints for you to buy them presents  like an iPhone, an Hermes bag, only to find that they sell them on ebay a few weeks later, by saying they overheated in some desert.
27.  They may not use their real talents at all
28.  In the end the person will blow it,  as they are the ones acting, and they will show you who they really are, you only have to wait, and hopefully not too long.  The longer it takes you to wake up, the more money you will have to spend.
29. They may be very interested in your friends and family, whilst never interested in inviting you anywhere, let alone paying for a bill.  This can be both men and women so beware.
30. They may be frightened of living in their time, frightened of getting older, they may never let you see them fully, they have so many personalities and looks they may spend hours in the bathroom.Don't be paranoid but do be careful.

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