Thursday, 2 January 2014


The new year has started and I am in a good mood, I laughed a lot on New Years Eve with my friends Ayako and Michel Comte in Bel Air.  They have terrific style and are also a fan, like I am, of  the 20th Century furniture designer Charlotte Perriand. She was hugely influenced by Corbusier and the Japanese. I once rented my house out in West Hollywood only to find that the chairs were propping up a television when the rental people had gone. For those who do not know, the stools are very valuable, to you they may look nothing but better treat them with care.
 I love Michel and have known him for at least twenty two years.  I owe him a lot, he took me to Italian Vogue where Franca Sozzani asked me to take photographs for a book called British Artists at Work and write a diary. Michel's generosity towards me was incredible. That is real friendship.
Ayako, his wife, is from Japan and is a perfect chef creating delicate dishes imaginatively. For example she mixes banana with risotto and whisky which was completely delicious.  I am lucky to have such friends. We ended the evening with noodles which apparently in Japan bring you good luck in the new year. I went with my son and still photographer Jack English. He did the photographs of Gary Oldman and the cast for the Globe winning film Tinker Tailor.
They have none stop energy which is admirable and have just finished a film called The girl from Nagasaki, a film based on an updated version of Madame Butterfly,  which will be shown at Sundance this year. One or two of the actresses were there last night and they were so much fun and so very talented. There is a gentleness and a politeness to the Japanese,  it is very alluring, I can't wait to see the film.  My lovely friends Lisa Zane, who was in my film The gun the cake and the butterfly singing, and Marianne Faithfull are both cast, and also starring my favourite actor Michael Wincott with Robert Evans too. It feels very much a family affair. Michel asked me if I wished to be in a scene and I had last minute nerves, I should have done it, it would have been fun.

I wanted to do some exercise this morning but at the club I go to,  I was surprised to find Yoga was not on the menu, instead meditation was.  I thought Yoga was meditation? A note of advice. As much as I love Yoga, there is nobody more sanctimonious and aloof than a yogis. When people become "spiritual" they become ever so slightly patronising and this is not yoga. I started doing Yoga in 1992 and it literally saved my life. I have found that  the door needs to be wide open and there is plenty of room for everybody,  being moralistic about other people is a bore, and very narrow minded.
I could be irritated by the behaviour of some colleagues but no need as there is always someone else who can love me, and work well with me. However, I am not like some women who will accept any behaviour just to be loved. No I am feisty.

I personally like people a bit rough around the edges, I like faults, it is what makes us human, I really do not need them to chant, I like them to laugh, scream and cry.  Of course I have not started my exercise routine as planned, actually I feel rather calm and pensive.
I am, after all, just one grain of sand in an enormous desert.  Why would I think that my little shiny grain can do anythings as an individual?. Of course when I leave this desert I want to be remembered, preferably  by the people who knew who I was. Since they are going to be forgotten too, there is little likelihood I shall be remembered, once we are all knocking up the roses.
I was told by my friendly paranormal spiritual advisor that the human body may give up when we die, but our spirit continues to live on, as do parts of our body for quite a while. I therefore do not want to be sent to the morgue so quickly.
I was thinking about the men who built the pyramids? As I do not know who they are, I  better remember that I am unlikely to be leaving a permanent mark, and live life with a lot of humour to the full, enjoy sex without being too selfish and give to my friends lavishly, but not buy them with money.
I shall take a walk round the park instead with a spring in my step and dream of watching an updated version of Madame Butterfly, The girl from Nagasaski I am sure Puccini would approve.

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