Tuesday, 3 December 2013


"When I write I am taken over by lost ghosts holding the pen of truth"
My hand writes, yet sometimes my head is empty and sometimes it goes into the deep wells of thought.
I have much to be grateful for this week. I love being in the middle of artistic thought, some intellectual and some pure fun. Miami becomes the centre of the universe for the social whirl of the art world and the financial side rushes ahead as art is bought and sold at the massive Art Basel. It is not for the shy and socially inarticulate. Artists, galleries, socialites and buyers sit side by side with glamorous pr's pushing people together, to talk think and party. Advertising for Art Basel on You Tube says it's where the richest people in the world come together and mix. Others say it is where ambitious girls meet their lovers and husbands. Whatever it is, I intend to find out for myself, I have always avoided it as it sounded like the party set, but I thought I must come and see for myself, just once. 
Last night I went with Liberatum Culture to Untitled on the beach where pieces will be sold off to finance Elton John's aids charity and Marina Abramovic's.
I met with Marina who was as usual generous.
I am staying at Soho Beach House, which seems to be the place to be, in the dining room alone, there was Damien Hirst, Jay Jopling Cindy Crawford with her husband, Karla Otto and Nancy dell'Ollio. Huge mixtures of people, the hopeful and the clever.

Tonight I am going to my friend Tracey Emin's show and dinner. Tomorrow there are so many parties and openings that I will need to be extremely organised, if I wish to see everything.
Liberatum Culture is also hosting an opening of my film The gun the cake and the butterfly at The Colony at 15.00 on the 4th December, which is open to everybody.
It is a long way away from The Daily Mail and the scandals of England.

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