Tuesday, 19 November 2013


There is an intelligence in England that is hard to repeat anywhere else in the world. New York nearly has it, but England has time, Paris has time, but England is more charming. There is no way getting round it, that despite its terrible weather, today it is sunny, it is the most interesting intellectually in the world. Last night is just an example.  I thought I was going to a gallery to see some paintings and I end up listening to a brilliant poet, having a delicious dinner and chatting with Charles Aboah and Camilla Lowther two fantastic British characters. She runs the best photographic agency in the UK.
I love poetry, and from a child, I have lapped up the spoken word, the repeats, the meaning. Perhaps being badly educated too helped. Poets have had a large effect on me,much more than they might have done had I gone to Oxford University. The simplicity of John Giorno's work, etched its way into my soul, yesterday as I listened to him at Max Wigram's Gallery. This is real talent, not standing on any red carpet. This is the real thing. With lovers and friends like Warhol, Rauschenberg, he was centre of the New York Art Scene. Mentioning them, fighting and loving with them through his  brilliant spoken word. Burroughs spent the last few years in his house. He was also the subject of Warhol's first film Sleep.
Vital attractive and cool, this is a man to love and hang around with.

He shared ideas using words instead of their pop images. He was the hip hop scene.
His words make you think, they are personal, rude, abrupt, caring and cover everything you could feel for one person. If you get an opportunity to  ever to meet this man, he will leave a mark on you. His vitality is mesmerising. An original beatnik poet.

In two years time he is to be presented a retrospective at Palais de Tokyo in Paris.
Luckily I was one of twenty guests that Max Wigram chose to have for dinner to meet him.
Many thanks for a wonderful opportunity to see greatness first hand.


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