Sunday, 10 November 2013


I rushed from the AFM, for my wonderful friend, British Artist, Mat Collishaw's exclusive dinner hosted by Stephen Webster, in his Gallery on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. As I mentioned earlier this week Mat has brought his Velasquez thoughtful photographs of people on death row to Los Angeles, The City of Angels, for the first time. The last supper requests  are poignant,  a stunning  reminder to me, that Hollywood tells these stories in their studios. With depth and stunning simplicity Mat makes you think about our last few minutes on this earth. Contemporary art at its best.  My thoughts return to my favourite food which is a Thai soup called Tom Yum Goong. Hot and spicy I could live off it, and a lemon drink with pepper, it however would not look particularly delicious in a painting.

I entered the room to see a long table with black thin candles elegantly lit,  an insert of pink neon light ran down the middle of it. Diamond fish swam elegantly above the guests hanging like mobiles from the ceiling. It confirmed to me that England has panache that America likes to buy.
I was taken back to true glamour, white flowers, long dresses with diamond necklaces. Anastasia, Stephen's wife looked truly beautiful with white diamond butterflies elegantly skimming her shoulders. Delicious Vintage 2004 Dom Perignon flowed.
It was a British Art World night at its best. Mark Hix, one of the Britain's greatest chefs chose baked potatoes with Mottra starlet caviar and chives, fresh shrimp with new asparagus, Hudson Valley goose liver on a truffled cheese toastic, and Absinthe and Champagne with gold leaf jellies. I had tiny portions of his delicious ideas, I have sadly started my diet.
With people like Robie Uniacke, Rosamund Pike and Tracey Emin supporting Mat, and the elegance of Polly Morgan, his girlfriend, he should go far in this city, where beauty is noticed and supported.
Today I shall saunter back to the AFM to room 327 at Loews Hotel, Santa Monica, which has become my home in the last few days.
It was voted best decorated twice yesterday, it looks fun against the power of the studios and many stop by to watch my film The gun the cake and the butterfly.  I am starting the thriller next week when I go home to England on the back of it. Last night lifted my spirits, I shall start my new ideas with a new ring on my finger.

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