Friday, 29 November 2013


Character Assassinations are never attractive. I will stick up for any friend if I feel they are wronged or misunderstood. I am not frightened of a fight or controversy. I hate unbalanced reporting by newspapers. I don't care what the subject is, it should always have pros and cons so the person reading the piece can make up their own mind with the correct facts legally available. In the case of Charles Saatchi it was horrific persecution from an early stage.
He very correctly apologised for the incident at Scotts and went to the police station for his behaviour.  Charles Saatchi has done so much for the British public, we have taken him for granted.  Equally he has been more than generous to his wives and friends. Charles is the master of advertising and the art world.  Artists  like Damien Hirst, Chantal Joffe,The Chapman Brothers and Tracey Emin have all benefited from his support.  Remember the exhibition Sensation? It was ground breaking. Have we so quickly forgotten that?. I was horrified by the vindictive and destructive twittering, news reporting and blogging that Charles has received, some from people I know he has entertained.   If the press won't stick up for him, I will.
This court case is about the sums of money allegedly spent by two of his and his wife's assistants on his credit cards, not a break up of a marriage, which is extremely painful, and a drug problem. The latter two will of course only colour the whole legal proceedings.
Any man or woman would go mad if some assistants ran up huge bills, any man or woman. When I had a cab account I used to keep the taxi waiting, I stopped as soon as the person paying was me.  My ex husband has today screamed at me saying why had I wasted money on making a film, that I would never get it back?  I of course defended myself, and I am proud of the film, which has won seven prizes, but I can see his point.
Money is not easily made, it is easily spent.
 I watch my bank accounts every week and although I am not brilliant at being frugal, I am fully aware when large amounts disappear and question them immediately.  I do not have assistants anymore, as I prefer to keep an eye on everything myself. Whatever went on in the Saatchi household, let's face it, even for multi millionaires, it is a horrific amount of money spent on two girls living on their own, with nobody to support. If what Mr Saatchi claims is true, the press should feel totally ashamed, and write a public apology.


As for the problem of drugs, nobody would want their teenage children exposed to this environment. It is is not Boho chic, it is not cool, and I have no interest whatsoever in my sons being near anything illegal.  I have educated them with these thoughts from an early age, I evan took them to NA meetings.
I was addicted to a slimming pill called Pondrax, when I was 12 years old. I was being bullied at school about being fat, and my country doctor gave them to me to lose weight.  I found it truly difficult to come off them.  I was then given a french drug called once called Lexomil, to relax as I am hyper active, it took me 6 months to stop them. These were not particularly dangerous drugs, and I was able to control myself, but imagine if I could not?.  I understand fully the problem of legal and illegal drugs and young adults.

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