Tuesday, 13 August 2013


The only time I really miss being married are the Summer Holidays. I used to have great holidays in the South of France at the Eddie Barclay villa,  Maison du cap, in Ramatoille, with  loads of friends and their children.  It was fun. It was hardwork. I used to get up early and go to the market in St Tropez and buy fresh fish, and food.  With the house full, there was masses of work, and I loved it. There was swimming, tennis, dancing on the lawn to the sound of  Mozart, The Doors and Bob Dylan. The canaries loved Mozart and  Charlie used to sing too.  Jack  played tennis with oversized Head rackets and shoes. There must have been at least ten children everyday.  My friends too. The children have now grown up, I am now visited. The boys have their lives. Charlie is singing in France and Jack practises football.  
My Summers are busy with making my life exciting, it is up to me to make it  interesting, nobody else. Freedom is a beautiful thing, it can be lonely too. I have to remember  "It's not how many breaths you take, it is the moments that take your breath away" Genghis Kahn and Maya Angelou both said this.
I am forcing myself to drive. I was never brilliant, but now I am able to drive almost everywhere and I love it. I used to have a chauffeur to watch over me, like some crippled being, now I have taken charge and can zoom up any motor way. Chauffeurs, however glamorous made my moods terrible, I felt I had no privacy.
I have driven along the sea edge, at sunrise and sunset, to  Malibu for Fish and chips and Nobu, so delicious.  I have dropped friends off to the airport and picked them up simultaneously. I am hitting the road Jack and nobody will stop me.
For instance, despite being exhausted from travelling, going to film festivals and working on my film,  The gun the cake and the butterfly, has now got into four festivals. Winning The Ischia Global Film Festival, The New York City International Film Festival, best art film.  The New Media Film Festival and The Bel Air Film Festival in October.   Isabella Sfez insisted that she wanted to  take photographs of me in my house in Los Angeles. I am a photographer and was definitely not in the mood.  I was ratty and needed peace but they are  a stunning memory of an hour I had with her.

My view is now, after being with the positive influence of my yogi friend and actress,  Justine Glenton for two weeks is that I will  say "yes" to everything.

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