Sunday, 30 June 2013


This is the best week to be in England in the Summer, from the Serpentine Gallery opening which showed us the stunning structure of steel poles by the brilliant architect Sou Fujimoto. Quite beautiful and anybody passing now can enjoy  it.

Then there was the wonderful screening of the Battle of the Sexes a new documentary about the life of tennis player Billie Jean King, who fought for Women's rights in the 1970's and equal pay for all female competitors.  It was fascinating how the world has changed in the West. It is why I did my film in so many ways, because people said I could not do it.  The gun the cake and the butterfly is also about the battle of the sexes.   Billie Jean, like the suffragettes, fought for equality, and she still does. Horrifyingly two girls in Pakistan after dancing in the rain, were killed for up loading a film on to the internet, their Mother too. Very recently another girl hanged herself because SHE was raped. In some parts of the world we go forwards, in others sadly backwards.

Life has not been without its challenging moments. The year of the Snake is a game of snakes and ladders, one week up and then the pot of gold falls between the gaps and what was up one week is now back to starters gallery the next.

The week was rounded off with a romantic Midsummer Night's party at the  Orangery in Kensington Palace  by another gallery, called Scream, I have been both gratified and appalled by the foibles of the human being.
Today we have The White Queen on the BBC, Phillipa Gregory's book on the War of the Roses, which should be interesting viewing, there is a new craze to spot historical inaccuracies, eg plastic drain pipes in the backgrounds, and dresses with zips,  that were not invented until the 19th Century. Standard English used inaccurately throughout. As a fan of Phillipa Gregory and all historical novels based on truth I am of course loving the idea of staying in. My favourite book of hers was "The other Boleyn Girl" A book about Mary Boleyn, who was the mistress of Anne. i am a huge fan of  Anne Boleyn and her daughter, Elizabeth 1.

The Mail on Sunday told the world about the next episode on the sorry saga of the Saatchi roundabout. It is now alledged her assistants have been putting their hands in his till.  In my house certainly if someone was thought to be stealing, and I had not seen this happen, my husband would have screamed at me.  Of course rich people always factor in theft, but thousands of  pounds disappearing would definitely have got me a good thrashing, with a whip of a sharp tongue, for being careless with his hard earned cash. Money is never easy to make, evan for the rich. To keep your fingers on your purse closed,  is definitely hard to do.
It is a sorry and sad state of affairs that it was not noticed in time to stop a finger licking addiction. To take a loo roll that does not belong to you is in fact theft. Please note in my house that the pound coins by my bed are mine.
and not for everybody to treat as their own lucky dip. As the person who pays the bills in my house I can tell you on more than one occasion I have found my expensive underwear slashed to fit the housekeeper.  The problem is I have eyes at the back of my head and I know whats happening.  A friend of mine thinks I am psychic, I think I have common sense. If you have a lot of cash, people think its theirs and want a part of it. I am always worried about credit cards. Luckily my bank is small and anything dodgy, shows up immediately with me screaming like a banshee: "You know I never buy Versace"

From tragedies of Eygpt to the celebrations of Croatia entering the European union the world changes every time we blink.

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