Monday, 13 May 2013


It is my birthday whatever that means, because at this age it is all nonsense. You see everything very clearly, and I am just pleased that my film, The gun the cake and the butterfly gets some notice, because it is something to be proud about. I really believe it is a clever film, made by the latest team involved. It did take ages to get people together that were able to do the artistic side of the job well. At last it looks good enough to show. It was irksome when everything was not quite right, rather like politicians, some people just had to go.


I  loved Thomas Gould's violin playing last night at my birthday party. He has incredible energy, and like all the men in my life, has good legs. It is funny actually. I remember my Aunt liking long legs, and my Mother liking emaciated men, I think I got the trend from them.
I am very happy this year as my first film, has got into four festivals, The New York International Film Festival, The New Media Film Festival, The Ischia film and music festival. Boo Hoo.
On another note:

Have politicians lost all sense of reason?
1.When they privatise the Royal Mail, they will lose votes no question.
2.If they do a mansion tax they will lose, no question.
3. When they tax the extra granny room they will lose votes no question.
4. If they change the way rich people live here, all the property market will collapse and the banking system too, therefore bankrupting what is left of Great Britain.
If we did not allow every country on the planet to happily luxuriate in our health service, and if we did not allow every country to load our welfare system with  bills and believe that people with four or more children should receive benefits, we would live in a better world, but nothing intelligent goes on at Number 10 or 11.
In any case, we as citizens of the England, do not have a real say, and we do not live in a democracy. Why don't they stop taking in so many immigrants who must seriously hate England. Who would like our endless bad weather? Imagine for a second, landing up in Mile End Road, when you think you are going to get to the Land of milk and money, sorry honey. I always thought Babylon was the land of milk and honey.  Anyway these values have gone out of the window. No nobody ever beat us in an invasion but they sure have bankrupted our welfare system? Where there is a will there is a way?

Back to making films, Los Angeles, and sunshine, now that will keep a smile on my very happy face.
I think I shall take a flight out of here and forget what is happening to this wonderful country, or live in the Malvern Hills away from everything.

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