Saturday, 13 April 2013


I love learning. I always have. I like putting myself into new things, provided they do not involve sharks, water and heights.  I like mixing mediums, film, art, music, classical and contemporary, politics, religion, morals and fashion. I jumble them all up like happy bed fellows. I love feeling that each day I can learn ten new things. I try not to get stuck on any one thing. To push myself to like something I would not normally swim with. Okay I like the Shark of Damian's, okay okay. Actually I remember how bad its skin was.
Someone else who likes the Art World is Mr Pablo Ganguli from Liberatum, the cultural brand that loves a mixture of cultures. Two nights ago we were treated to an evening at the W Hotel,  funky and up to date. I sat opposite Pam Hogg, who with her yellow hair and cutting edge style is an incredible woman. I am begging her to come to Los Angeles with me. I want to wear her gear I totally love her punk pioneering ideas. Also the quietly spoken Ron Arad. We were given a delicious dinner  toasting John Hurt's exciting career. With company like Billy Zane the night was a huge success. The brilliant were out. Stephen Frears. An eclectic mix of people that only Pablo can put together. Who could not have an interesting time in the company of brilliance, a working dinner. Amanda Neville, the BFI.


Margaret Thatcher wore royal blue and with bows around her neck. With her hair swept to one side she wasn't elegant, but tidy, and in a mans world she appeared strong. You felt she wore the British Flag around her body and within her heart.  Margaret was always hated and admired in equal portions, however she should be respected. She ruled lest we forget Great Britain, from 1979-1990. A time of huge financial change for good and bad.
Her energy was unsurpassed, she apparently  slept with a teaspoon in her hand, and when it fell to the ground, she woke up as she had had enough sleep. She remembered names, places, she was a fanatic, a conviction politician. She allowed us to buy our Council Houses.  Rich socialists and fake communists may forget that she gave them the opportunity to be the people they are today. She was not appreciative of the arts, and loosened the restrictions for bankers. She was good for war time, and war mongering.
She spoke with authority and clarity, and unlike other politicians, we can easily name, she believed in what she did.
It was an age of great political characters Michael Foot, Michael Heselting, Tony Benn, I like them all, the fighting, the clarity. They were brilliant speakers. Today the House of Commons is a dull place, I would not stand in line for five hours waiting to watch a sitting, like I did at the start of The Falklands crisis.
Her critics obviously  don't remember the three day week, the strikes causing the flour rations, the electricity going off because of the the dockers, the power workers, the coal miners, under Ted Heath 1970-1974. We were like the Greeks going to the IMF for a bailout. Only the fifty year olds will remember.
What a pity we like to be odious louts. We supposedly live in a democracy, that is ruled by who votes where. So if you don't like something, get out of bed and vote. You have the choice, we had the choice, and democracy chose her.
There are much worse things going on now under the guise of political correctness.

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