Monday, 8 April 2013


In this day and age why have more than two children?.  Where is the money coming to fund it?  The tax payer?   As I walk the streets of any city in the world, it is claustrophobic and unbearable, the human race seems to have become more unattractive than the rat.  If you decide have ten children, is it a reason to never do a days work?  If you have many children, you are surely well enough to get yourself an occupation.   There are many who have well timed pregnancies so they never miss their family allowance, this should be stopped.  If you have ten children you get it for nine of them? This is irresponsible and should not be allowed.
Is there a reason to tax grannies owning an extra bedroom, but allow people of other religions to have one? Christianity needs to develop a necessity for  kneeling. I might become a Muslim, Morman or an Amish?
There are always loop holes for the greedy and lazy, but whilst they fill out the forms to receive, surely their time would be better spent, and more interesting, if they tried to get employed, or create a job. The education system in this country is incredible on many levels, however it would be a whole lot better if we reached for the stars instead of digging a hole to graves. We ultimately all die and so the National Health System is of course going to be one of our largest expenses. It too should not be misused.
I am glad that the government is questioning everything. Immigration has to be tougher.  This may be politically incorrect but if we have to tax people who can afford very little then we cannot afford another person entering this country.

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