Monday, 1 April 2013


What do you do for your son when they reach 21? What does a son want you to do? My son Charlie has dreamt about singing at Carnegie Hall since he watched the film Farenelli when he was about twelve years old. He was given a copy of it by Dr Sebagh, my then boyfriend.  Jean Louis felt he needed stimulating in the area of opera. Charlie loved it and watched it over and over again. Copying piece of it and watching himself in the mirror. For a long time he struggled with singing as a Counter Tenor, but eventually he was persuaded by Lowes Waters, an incredible singing teacher to become a Barritone. His voice is beautiful, as a mother with rose tinted glasses on of course, he has a velvety sound that is still young but very promising. He passionately sang with Sofia Dimitrova, a girl with a Callas like potential and the young lyric soprano Mikayla Sager. Both added to the wonderful concert. 

Down the road people were standing for hours round blocks near 5th and 6th Avenue waiting for a glimpse of The Games of Thrones. The world is ridiculous when there is more talent to be seen than this good but very average television series.  I like watching it, as long as I am bored on an aeroplane. The only queuing I have done is for the Kremlin and it is a usually not rewarded.

I loved Fischer Dieskau as a teenager.  I would listen to Shubert Lieder all the time, I must have passed on my passion for it. Charles sang 18 arias yesterday, without trouble and totally with passion. Thanks to my mother Caroline Brown, Jean Louis Sebagh, Harrow School and the bravery of  Nicholas Kaye at Sussex House School of pushing him and Lowes Waters this would never have happened.  There are so many people that help the young to achieve what they wish to do. With the help and enthusiasm  of Rushka Bergman and Franca Sozzani in this months L'uomo Vogue, Andrew Freedman he may have had only two people to watch him. He is to continue studies at the Royal Welsh College of Music. 

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