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This evening Amanda Eliasch presents her idea of her colorful British and Los Angeles life, mixing her worlds of art, classical music and fashion . With the support from Brit Week and as Fashion editor of Genlux Magazine.  She has chosen those she admires most.
The work, of the brilliant and talented Pam Hoggs.  Watching her career with delight.  Amanda loves her body suits, her innovative designs.  Pam has been at the forefront of British Fashion for three decades. Admired and studied, she is held in great esteem.
Amanda has included work from artist Duggie Fields, along with the sensuous paintings of self taught, Nigel Daly and the sculpture prints of her great friend Yassi Mazandi.
With her love of opera and classical music , she has been a huge influence in the life of her son opera singer, Charles Eliasch, who will sing with Lisa Zane.
Her life is attached to the drama and taste of her fellow Britain’s here in Los Angeles. She has always loved opera, my Mother was an opera singer.
From a young child she was influenced by  her grandfather, writer director and producer, Sidney Gilliat’s films, St Trinians and generally British Film from the 1960’s, The Servant, The L shaped room. Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes which her grandfather wrote the script for. 
From the age of 12 Amanda wanted to be a Fashion Editor. “Genlux asked me to be one at 47, so with a happy smile I realized an early ambition”.
She has now done two neon art shows one called The Seven Deadly sins, several black and white photographic shows, written two books of poetry, Cloak and Dagger Butterfly and Sins of a butterfly and lastly made her first film, The gun, the cake and the butterfly, directing, acting and producing it with Justine Glenton, Her son Charles Eliasch, Edited by Hector Abaunza.

Pam Hogg’s studied printed textiles at The Glasgow School of Art where she won a prize for distinction and then won a scholarship for The Royal Society of Arts, which took her onto The Royal College of Art. She launched her first fashion collection in 1981 and was part of the new wave of designers who rocked London. She is feisty independent, talented and continually surprises the fashion world with her innovative ideas. More contemporary than contemporary, she thrills London with her designs.
Duggie Fields studied art at The Chelsea College of Art, and he is a colorful character on the art scene.
One of my favorite paintings of his is in this house, a blonde Marilyn type woman in tight trousers, sexy, modern and with a 1950’s twist, he embodies what I love about the art world, and introduces you to his world of vibrant personalities. He strong personal style is to be admired. I have been a fan of  Duggie’s for twenty years. Tonight he he generously donates a print to his audience in Los Angeles.
Nigel Daly romantic and sensuous paintings I adore, he embodies his ‘self taught’ ideas and compliments my friends here in Los Angeles. He has a cheerful and wonderful character that is admired.
Yassi Mazandi talented and strong from Iran but educated in British style. A debutante who grew into one of the best sculptures. Still early in her career, but I have been a fan since the start. I love seeing Yassi in Los Angeles, we usually have lemon cake with a Starbucks coffee. She studied as a photographer at Beechlawn College in Oxford, England in the 1980’s and then continued with ceramics and sculpture at Greenwich House Pottery, New York.  Self taught and experimental in all mediums.
Lisa Zane, folk singer, and actress. I have had a crush on Lisa since I met her with my good friend Michel Comte. Born in Chicago she has beautiful looks. In my play As I like it, she acted as the opera singer. She has charisma and panache on stage that few have. I love her French chanson, and ability to change her voice.
Charles Eliasch, baritone, educated at Harrow School in London, and Mannes College of Music and now heads towards The Royal Welsh College of Music.
He made his debut last month at Carnegie Hall singing Shubert Lieder, Bellini and Mozart.
Other work by British Artists Here
In the house
Nicholas Barker painting in the bedroom of  Brigite Bardot
Adam Fuss a silver butterfly
Furniture and lamps by Mark Brazier Jones
Baba Anan pink painting
Drawing Room
Skull by Atelier Van Lies shout
Dan Attoe neon a girl on a bicycle
Natasha Law Red Painting
Sasha Newley painting of temptation in the hall
Duggie Fields
Kirstan Glass
Yassi Mazandi
Many thanks to
Vivianne Hamilton Wilhelmina
Sadie Burris Wilhelmina
Jessa Cygan 
Sarah Sebring 
Taylor Montague
Ban Uelos
Brittany Martinez Aston.
Tatiana Dekhtyar  

Many thanks to  Brit Week
George Blodwell, 
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