Sunday, 17 March 2013


My most proud moments have always been my children, their first steps, words and laughter. I remember the passion my son Jack had for his father, he would totally ignore me, and only want his daddy and play football. Charlie had a passion for Opera, and at 2 years old would not let me leave a performance of Don Giovani and made scenes until I let him stay. He always adored it and if I turned it off a tantrum would appear. Jack is also musical and the other night he sounded like Frank Sinatra singing his best numbers, with a body like a god, I look at them both and cannot believe they are my DNA.
Charlie  is singing on Easter day at Carnegie Hall, a huge honour. With two incredible sparkling sopranos Sophia Dimitrova and Mikayla Sager he will sing many of our most loved arias and duets. Charles chose these two talented girls to sing with because of their unique and undying love for the world of opera. Young and hugely dedicated they are both delighted to sing with him.
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I am rushing from finishing my film to listen to him achieve what he has always wanted to do. Looking a mixture of Charles 11 and Oscar Wilde, Charlie has eccentric style. When he was two he only wanted to wear red shoes and he believes that they still give him good luck.  It is wonderful to support young talent. 
I have been watching the final moments of my film, The gun, the cake and the butterfly, slowly it is coming together. It eats up my time. Don't kill those in the music and film worlds if they are busy, the will not be lying. It is the most time consuming life I have ever entered into. Also, the most fun.

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