Thursday, 7 March 2013


The idea of sitting through a fashion show nowadays, unless you get special treatment, and the designer, thinks, fills me with horror. Gone are the fabulous days of a show, a real show. Alexander Mcqueen was the master of this, and unless you wish to be bored to tears by the dreariness of the predictable presentations, you would be much happier at home. The shoving of the clip board blondes, and the general nagging of PR's, to send you to the shows, is in most instances, so humiliating that unless you are a fully fledged editor at Vogue, forget it.  I used to enter with a girlfriend, who will remain nameless. We never had any invitations and we used to enjoy the challenge, We said we were editors at Vogue and as we looked good, we easily got in. We were much more animated than the tired hacks that generally hogged the seats, and believe it or not, they still do.  It is so easy to make things interesting?.  Where is the theatre in all this? It is definitely not from the new crop of fabulous demi monde each season who dress the front row?. Despite the hypnotic looks of actress Alice Eve, you will find yourself bored to tears, unless, everything changes pretty soon.  The problem is without a few crazy artist designers, life is very boring. Why do the French, Italian, English and American fashion houses  like boring? They are not?  Fashion is becoming dreary.  I rather enjoy the blog of a girl called Angel Barta, who writes daringly about her ex romance, Marc Jacobs.? She claims she designed the clothes and styled them?.  All the stylists copy her, and Vogue too? Well she may have influenced him in some way, because for last two seasons, he too has become a little less amusing? Perhaps I am being unfair, but shows are shows, and if we Fashion Editors make an effort to go, don't you think it would be good to be a little different?.  Last season I loved Rushka Bergman's art installation  she put on for a brand in the US. Using circular frames she showed clothes belonging to a brand of no great note, to remarkable advantage. She used a vivid imagination. Why cannot others think too?. Why do we have to race from one dreary cold hall to another for something that would be easier to read from Tim Blank's fabulous notes and review on  Unfortunately we are to be punished, because you see we have to see for ourselves just how terrible the whole industry is becoming. Come on entertain us.  The best show this season was still Alexander Mcqueen, but where is the brilliant Galliano? Surely now Oscar de la Renta has forgiven him, and the great and wonderful Franca Sozzani, we can give him a decent house again? I bag one of his wonderful coats. Let's hope he still is allowed to wake us up? Look to the new too?. It is expensive not to be creative, and it is even more expensive to be dull. We do not wish to write about that. Let's bring some truly new mad divas into the magic roundabout of fashion? There is plenty of talent, why are they not given a free reign?. There needs to be a change at the heads of these houses and new people with experience given a chance? Not just the new designers but the many unused experienced talents surrounding the shows?. 
P.S I forgot.. please also let it not only be Karla Otto's brilliant assistant who remembers to write, and Vivienne Westwood's polite PR Tyzer. If I have to call fifty times, I am simply going to watch it all in the comfort of my beautiful bedroom overlooking Albert Bridge in Chelsea, and save the horrendous expense.. Just remember though that the magazine I work for  in Los Angeles, Genlux is looking particularly attractive this month, and by the way, it is where they have money to buy clothes and show them on the red carpet.

Alexander Mcqueen show
Snowden Hill's Hair
Angel Barta's outspoken comments
Rushka Bergman's elegance
Alice Temperley's Audrey Hepburn cream dress
The wonderful make up for Vivienne Westwood show
whatever you may think, at least it was different
L'wren Scott's idea of Klimt
New talent David Koma
a hint but not enough of John Galliano
Tim Blank
Genlux Magazine
Franca Sozzani
Cara and Poppy Delevigne

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