Monday, 7 January 2013


I have always been afraid of silence in a room, I was often told I was too loud.  I found it difficult to be quiet, but actually in the last few weeks there has been a beautiful change. I found I liked bicycle rides in the park when it is misty and peaceful.  I have found that I like solitude with the only human sounds of my sons walking around the house. I used to think the idea of  a quiet time was horrific. Now I need it. Bombarded  everyday by emails, telephone calls, the door bell, cars, the vermin named humans, I am suddenly happy in peaceful rooms. I do not need anything.
I also have noticed I am not the only one. Selfridges has suddenly sent an email for people who like this  soulful quiet time and have sent through unbranded, non advertising products. Marmite with just the coloured labels, simple clothes, so refreshing from the over advertised. So 2013 seems to be a time for less rush, less aggression.
It is ridiculous in any case. We are living in a black hole where nothing really means anything. I was taught everything growing up but not how to read on my own. There was always so much noise. My Mother had 14 dogs, who never stopped nagging, the horses also nagged. Animals look peaceful but if you get close they will talk to you. They need feeding, watering, cleaning, riding, walking. It was nonstop.  Plus the mess, I was always cleaning up. You will find the country is very noisy. No there  was little time ponder and think.
So with nothing else to say on this Monday morning relax and enjoy the colours of peace.

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