Friday, 11 January 2013


I love Los Angeles, the sun, the positive attitude,  I had forgotten. Now I am here I remember. It is the laid back excitement over everything. The people here are like children. Youth obsessed, sun kissed health fanatics who look as if they are angels from the sky.  A girl turned up yesterday in purple, long blonde hair, fish nets wanting to improve the world.  People talk here with excitement. They are happy, they have learnt to put the switch on from inside. It is not that England is less positive, it is that the sun shines here and all around us.   I am so busy filming that I have little time to write. Needless to say my dance card is full. 
Yesterday I gave a party in my to welcome in the New Year.  The house was brimming with laughter just the way I like it.  My favourite jeweller was there Lorie Rodkin, and Eric Buterbaugh had done great flowers. Debbie Soloman created delicious food, and Kay Saatchi made sure the bathrooms were full of pretty posies. It was good to catch up with some wonderful friends and January is divine in Los Angeles.

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