Tuesday, 1 January 2013


The first day of a new dawn. The Mayan's ran out of interest to record numbers and the end of the world did not happen? Subconsciously I think that we all thought some event of great magnitude would  shake our world into a new and higher existence.  The fact is that theses happenings are around us. all the time. We are all numbed down by shootings, murder, theft, and deceit.  Not many think twice about cheating.  Cheating the insurance company, cheating the state, cheating days off from work? So, of course,  as Aliens on this planet we have to change?.
Last night was spent at home singing Arias. We went through at least two repertoires. Now this could be perceived as being dull? Of course to those that cannot sing it could be trying. Our party had been the night before. A fantastic dinner with the Modi's with a band from The Arts Club. They sang all the best numbers.  We loved it.
I spent the early part of the evening with George Blodwell, Los Angeles stylist to the stars and he is like family. With his son James, the boys all had good clean fun. Where were the women I asked them all? They said that the girls were all like hookers nowadays wanting huge amounts of things and money. Well this should be a wake up call to all parents. Women are like hookers? We know we drive everything, but mercenary and youth are not attractive bed friends, surely?  There were six good looking clever boys in the room, and all were complaining about the behaviour of the female sex. I think in 2013 these mercenary attitudes should be replaced by things worthwhile.
We then went in search of a snog, yogurts.  Delicious and nutritious. I drove through the whole of Soho, six of us in a car searching for Garrick Street.  I asked a policeman when they knew where I could find a Snog, and they turned to me  and said "Who did I think I was?" Very funny.
Eventually I got home to find my mobile had been temporarily misplaced and the boys were replying to my new years greetings, one poor person got the wrong end of the stick and was teased. Oh dear one more friend out of the window.
As we draw near the Year of the Snake, all sorts of problems will arise like this. Let's put on our safety belt and sit still.. or may be take a risk and get bitten?

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