Thursday, 20 December 2012


Rome always thrills me. This Summer I imagined living there being smiled at by handsome doormen and cheerful hotel staff. I stood on the roof of my hotel in the dramatic evening light and looked around me, statues were to my left and christmas lights to my right. Totally magical, out of  a fairy tale. My lovely friend Tracey Emin was opening a new show of works at the Galleria Lorcan O'Neill.  We were given a delicious dinner too. Lorcan is utterly charming.  Tracey is really prolific, travelling around the world, allowing us to understand her, the artwork and passion terrific. I stayed at the Hotel Russie, which belongs to the Fortes. Comfortable and very European.

I was with a friend and I decided to go off the beaten track and walk on roofs wherever I could. It was an incredible way to see this ancient and magnificent city. I saw the Vermeer exhibition which was 
wonderful and included all the family of works, but there is nothing like seeing it in its home town. It was not hung well, but still a treat as it is the first exhibition of its kind to visit Rome. The Vermeers stuck out as they showed the beauty of everyday life then, a woman playing the piano, meeting friends, stunning buildings beautifully painted. 
I was however in pain, I have to have my gallbladder removed tomorrow so all holidays are off the menu.  I was going to spend New Years Eve with friends in St Barts, and instead I shall be holed up in Chelsea. Not the end of the world, or perhaps it will be tomorrow?. The last day of the world according to the Mayan Calandar. So enjoy today. I am, I awoke to hear my son playing my favourite piano concerto. The Emperor Concerto No 5, 2nd movement, by Beethoven. He was the  father of the romantic era.  

With an operation looming tomorrow, I had to quickly buy Christmas presents at The Conran Shop.  The staff there were so helpful, they packed everything and delivered it. I worked there for two years in 1983 and it was funny to see all the staff were still 
Christmas is in full swing in London. I had a delicious Indian themed Christmas dinner at Annette and Nick Mason. They are generous hosts, I had a great time, and then landed at Lou Lou's for a midnight drink with friends. Definitely the new club to enjoy. So much fun.
On another sadder note, I am totally horrified by the mass killing again by a young intelligent but troubled man?  My sympathy goes to all the parents involved.  Guns are interesting but there has to be a law brought in to stop guns being sold so easily over the net. There should be licences and why are people allowed to buy so many?  Something needs to be done about this immediately. It is great to have skills, learn to hunt if thats what interests you, but there has to be some law that stops troubled people from buying them? Internet games should be stopped that encourage violence. 

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