Thursday, 13 December 2012


Last night I went to the Royal Premiere in the presence of HRH Prince William. The Hobbit, will no doubt sweep the boards for it's animation and ravishing scenery. It was a feast for my eyes, over mountain tops, fighting giants, elves, lost in caves, flying on birds.  With my 3D glasses on I got vertigo. It was non stop for about two hours and forty minutes. A book that I found very difficult to read as a child was brought alive, as I was more into the romantic novels of Georgiette Heyer. I loved The Hobbit. So did the audience who clapped for ten minutes. It was a resounding success. A story that we pick up, and put down. A huge book and a huge film.  I was totally engrossed. It was an exhausting task to take on but well worth the visit to another world. Ian Mckellen was brilliant and held the whole wonderful theatrical piece together.
Congratulations to Warner Brothers, Tolkien, and all the other people who were involved.
The globe nominations are always fun, so I shall be watching out for the films I have most enjoyed and give my notes another day.

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