Tuesday, 25 December 2012


I am back home after having my wretched gall bladder removed only to read that I might get fatter. If I had read this beforehand I would have struggled on with the excessive pain that it was giving me.  I am tired but with so much to do before Christmas I had to move forward,  In any case no Insurance company likes you to waste time in hospital and I was almost pushed out. Despite  being horizontal, in terrific pain, and tired beyond belief, I was shoved onto the streets with BUPA.  It is better to pay for your operations as they happen and then you can decide what action to take yourself.  The London clinic was good, and although I hate hospitals it was efficient. I pay ten thousand a year, and I suppose the operation probably cost six thousand? So I have had one medical operation in my life, so it makes sense to pay for them ourselves.
I got home in time to do the turkey and a good friend came round to do a victoria sponge, some mince pies and make the whole house into a whirlwind of festivity.  The smells from my tiny kitchen were delicious.  I thought I  had forgotten how to make cakes, but I had not, and the only mistake I  made was to undercook my brussel sprouts, and not put a lid on my brandy butter so it went all over my new dress from ASOS, which I love.  The day went well and although I was fainting and feeling sick I tried to have a great time.

I was given incredible books on Marilyn by Pablo Ganguli and my son Charles, and a necklace by Eve from a beau, also a delcious cake stand whipped up by my friend Julia, made my table look stunning.  I felt lucky that despite having left hospital only 48 hours earlier I was able to enjoy anything at all.   I have had to cancel a party today as I was a little too ambitious. It was the first Christmas I have spent in London for twenty one years. It feld odd, but homely. I was watching Downtown Abbey and found the end rather obvious and then watched Love in a Cold Climate based on Nancy Mitford and her sisters. "A totally English day, thank goodness for that" my son said.  

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