Friday, 23 November 2012


I was walking down Oxford Street after a very successful interview this week, where I was offered a job, an interesting one too. Until I sign on the dotted line I would rather not share my luck, as you well know the minute you divulge something important, something happens.  Anyway I walked along crowded rainy, thousands of unhappy people, full of noise with their heads down. The human being has become a virus, me included. Too many, too unhappy, we are forgetting the important things in life. 

Last night I went to a party given by the Woodland Trust and Aspreys. Wonderful jewellery was designed by Sean Leane. acorns, berries, leaves gooseberries and twigs intricately made, reminding me of the importance of nature. I have always supported the Woodland Trust. Whether you do or not, please think about planting The Ash Tree.  In the next ten years something like 80 million will die out. The Woodland Trust believed that they did well this year by planting 8 million trees. They did not. The reality is desperate and mostly we humans are the cause of it. Trampling the earth as we do, not caring enough about what we are doing. We think very selfishly.  Soon there will be no trees too.  If two billion people were killed  it would be terrible to our egos only, but for the world of elephants, insects, leopards, lions, trees, fish and every other living creature it would be a blessed relief. In my opinion we should be only allowed to have two children each at the most.

 Unfortunately it did not work with China, and people think in their own Island. The welfare state in this country is shockingly abused and I am totally fed up with political correctness. I think I mentioned this before. It is enough. There are already huge problems. Humans are ghastly. Of course individuals have character and we can have fun, but look at us, we are truly awful.  

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