Monday, 12 November 2012


Do you dump or do you allow an emotional pernicious emotional vampire to continue in your life?. Is there an elegant way of offering them the door without being too vulgar? You have to make them understand that they have leached on to your life too long.  Do you keep someone on, who herds you into paying for their dull life,  keeping you in box?. Vampires do not want you when there is no blood left. You are just a convenient snack.  When you are all empty they blame you for being empty.  A man could take your best years and when you are an old crone,  dump you. Girl friends can sap everything from you.  They have a war strategy.  They bought that jacket first, the designer was their friend and everybody must look up to them.  They like to patronise too much without giving very much in return.   Vampires aim to look like your friend,  while checking out your handbag and leaving the table instead of paying a bill. You introduce them to a friend, and then they make that friend hostile towards you. The worse thing they do is patronise you to the people you helped them with. They don't see people as friends, they see them as a subjects to their semi royal throne. They talk about themselves only, and in the past, present and future with selective amnesia, and fabrication from a tardis zig zagging the truth altering their time line to make it credible. Ordinary drab has beens, holding court at a table that could do with a bit more money on it, and a throne that could do with a lot less poundage on it. Does one continue to have them around us? Do we continue to allow these sponges to absorb our lives, or is there no other way but to tell them to fuck off. 
I have seen people who go to parties, and the hostess has made a huge effort, only for her guests to say "Oh the food is cold, and I could have done it better" I have had to suffer this treatment many times and the answer is don't come, which also saves me from saying fuck off.Be careful who you decry because you never know whose turn it is next.

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