Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Today I decided to have a tattoo. I am on holiday and working with my great friend finishing my film.  I have  been inspired by Men in Black Three, to have a huge one on my back. 
Last week I was told by editor of High 50, Tim Willis that it was common, that gave me another good reason to have one.  His site takes an intellectual view on this phenomena.   All the more exciting, to sit in a shop in Patong with some fun guys while my skin is pricked. 
Todays society is all about footballers and their wives, and being very very common. I have decided to join ranks and stand my ground for skin freedom. It is so much fun.  Who cares about removal, and only a few think about what is common nowadays. Oh, come one who cares what people think?. 

On another note High 50  are in touch with a  beauty guru who thinks "natural" is best.  I have been told just now that they are only holding a debate, for and against the upkeep of the human body. Most of my friends are all slowly slipping into dreary middle age, and are enjoying their wrinkles. I am on the side of Dr Sister who will be arguing for upkeep. The people against, clearly have not looked in the mirror recently.  I shall use Botox until my grave, have six facelifts at least, after all who really wants to see wrinkly hanging flesh?. No it should be tight I want everything tight.  Plus I am fed up of do gooders who know little about plastic surgery, being against it.  The book which I dare not give the title of is  full of supposed natural women who I know for a fact visit my good and dearest ex lover Dr Sebagh on a regular basis. Dr Sebagh wrote to me the other day and said he would not be debating as people who have not done Botox by 50 would be better to visit Lourdes and get a spiritual awakening. 

Back to a tattoo, it will look simply marvellous at those black tie dinners that I have to go to in London. I long for tut tut tuts,  from my former lovers, and I shall welcome them with wry smiles as I watch them disintegrate into  early graves. I do enjoy disapproval from people who live in the provinces.
Just watch what comes out of my pink birthday cake...
By the way I have more important things to think about like New York, which is only sixteen feet above sea level, and which will slowly be another Venice. My son is graduating on Sunday singing and  lives there. I am sending my friends on the East Coast love and support.
Also I am enjoying finishing my film.
Adieu, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen. 

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