Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I don't care what people think, because all they are trying to do is to change my thoughts to theirs. As they are thoughtless I could end up with an empty head. I have decided to only consider my thoughts because I like original and not fake. This week I have had an interesting job of slimming my address book down. Why have people in it that are energy vampires, who wolf down your blood with nothing in return?. Never a good turn goes unpunished. I will also acknowledge those that truly go out of their way for me and put them onto a magnificent pedestal.  They know who they are and they deserve it.  
When people tell me lies it is to accommodate their needs and not mine. It is not a good feeling.
Tell lies by all means but don't assume others have not got a good memory. Not everybody is going to be sucked in by your bullshit. If you tell yourself lies you are heading towards a padded room.

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Annabel Schofield said...

Hi Amanda, Congratulations on your blog - it's very cool and entertaining. I wonder if you've had a chance to check out mine: The Cherry Alignment? It's more of a serialized novel, but I've been getting some great feedback. Good luck with this! I look forward to reading more....