Thursday, 27 September 2012


So many people have helped me with this film. I am grateful to all of  those  who encouraged me, and my ex husband who was teasing me, without them I would not have done it. Today two handsome supposed husbands walked through the door.  Justine Glenton chose the pick of the crowd and in walked two Gods.  Husband number one  was Steve Pound and Husband number two John Cusworth.  It has been a busy week, no time to write as have been between Gods. Another friend Bozidar Ristic helped me with some music for the film and teaser.  
In between praying at some alter or other. I went to a great drinks party for Kelly Hoppen and Smallbone of Devizes. Her new kitchen range is exactly what you would like. Strong clean lines with a twist.  Beautifully made. This collaboration is bound for success. I sat talking with the delightful Ronnie Sassoon who was preparing Vidal's Memorial. 
I also went to see Marc Newson's opening at Taschen's bookshop next to the dynamic Saatchi Gallery off the Kings Road.  Charmingly he signed his interesting and stimulating book of design for me. I chatted with Johnnie Pigozzi who is a brilliant entertainer and photographer.  I met Marc with Azzadine Alaia and Carla Sozzani in Paris many years ago.  Azzadine does wonderful lunches for his friends and work colleagues and we were lucky guests. 
I awoke to find my blog was updated, and have my face checked out by Jean Louis Sebagh. All was positive. I am a very lucky woman.

I sadly did not make the fashion shows in Milan, I loved the retro look created at Dolce and Gabbana. Photographs were sent to me back stage by Snowden Hill.  The show looked cheerful and colourful and took me back to my grandmothers swimming costumes from Positano in the 1950's and 60's.  Bohemia was celebrated too, in fact the show had everything to make you feel good.

For those that want to entertain deliciously Julie  Anne Rhodes and the lovely Debbie Soloman, friends of mine in LA have opened their catering company. Both are terrific cooks and beautiful to look at too.  Debbie worked at Sunset Marquis and used to do all my parties in Beverly Hills for me. Beautifully presented  I am happy these two have got together, I wish them every success.
Debbie also worked for Michel and Ayako Comte who I had dinner with last night. 
Go have fun there are never too many good ideas for a Party.

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