Sunday, 12 August 2012


In the middle of the worst financial crisis, the Olympics  have been a  godsend. Great Britain has produced one of the most exciting games ever. 

Congratulations to all concerned.
"A wonderful games in a wonderful city. We lit the flame and we lit up the world".
Sebastian Coe

"For me, the Olympics feels like a turning point, a moment in which for the first time since our decline from empire, we felt genuinely self-co
nfident. For the first time I can remember, we like ourselves.

We're surprised that we like ourselves, but we like liking ourselves too. And I don't think we're going back to the old self-hating people we thought we were a few weeks ago in very much of a hurry.

Today, we no longer see ourselves as base metal. We believe now that we can be golden – and with that sort of belief, our potential as a nation united - English, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh - is unlimited." Antoine McCormack

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