Thursday, 23 August 2012


We know there is no freedom of speech, we know that despite being told we are democratic, we are not living in a democracy. We know we have supported America through thick and thin. Sometimes there have to be limits? America has limits, they do not necessarily return prisoners or people back to their country if they do not want to?
What do I think of Julian Assange? If he did commit rape he has to pay the price? 
 However let's think for a second. Who pays for Governments? We do, every single person on this earth who pays tax, is paying for their government in some way.  
We live in ignorants of conspiracies and magic.
Following blindly other nations, even though we are comrades is not intelligent, especially if we do not believe in what they are saying.  I personally never believed in Afganistan or Iraq.  I thought it foolish and what is achieved positively is negligible.  
The answer is that Mr Assange has valid points, has been brave, and people of his bravery and ilk are rare.  Should he give away all secrets mmmm well it causes problems and he is brave to take on the rubbish of the Universe?.
On the other, may be hand him over, and have him shot?

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