Saturday, 25 August 2012


I am a big fan of Prince Harry  who is the second son of HRH Prince Charles. He is allowed to be slightly more naughty, slightly cheekier, slightly more daring than his elder brother. 
He has been brought up in a world where fifteen year old girls go down the street with a boob tube, mini shorts and high heels, and where boys show their knickers on the top of their very low waisted jeans. We live in a YOBBO culture and I do not know why people are surprised if he gets influenced. 
He was staying at Steve Wynn's Encore Hotel with a private swimming pool, but Las Vegas is Las Vegas. Last year Steve Wynn, 69, married a beautiful old girlfriend of mine called Andrea Hissom, ex wife of Robert Hissom and daughter of the late  Victor Danenza, who worked at one time organising "parties" for arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi. She used to be perfectly discreet, clever and inscrutable but, of course, in Las Vegas, tacky is king. They gave a kitch "Elvis Wedding" and got married on the day of the Royal Wedding.  
Andrea, having lived in England, is naturally fully aware of the rules where The Royal family are concerned. As a socialite in London she hung out in the polo crowd and was very likeable. 
However the over the top atmosphere in this extreme town must have made Harry forget himself, and he allowed himself to mix with hoi polloi in a very egalitarian way. He probably thought he could get away with it. But in Las Vegas British rules do not apply.  (And clearly Andrea, as The Queen of LV , forgot to warn her husband.) However, as Harry has been educated at Eton and in the army, he must be aware that there are shits everywhere. 
It is well known that Vegas is going broke, and this sort of fortuitous publicity sells rooms (despite the new advertising campaign of Mr Wynn, "What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas"). On the other hand, it has probably persuaded the prudent members of society to stay clear of his hotel. When I next see Andrea, I will have to frisk her for cameras and a tape recorder even though I used to trust her with everything.
Luckily it was Prince Harry who has a youthful fit figure and it wasn't other members of the Royal Family caught with their trousers down. He has a genial disposition and a lovely smile, so most people will forget and forgive. After all, he is also happy in the army and following his Mother's footsteps doing humanitarian works for the planet. But remember this: he is firstly a member of the Royal Family with all its quirky out of date rules.  
Tell me this: what was he doing in Las Vegas, the most tacky place on the planet?  He should have used common sense more,  and he should vet his friends. Hookers and party girls are great company for a night out, and for normal people, but not good to hang around with if you are third in line for a throne. 
In an age when there are so many  digital devices, HRH should be more careful to check his entourage thoroughly. And by the way, a word of advice, Sir: you could get a perfectly good game of strip billiards, in the privacy of Buckingham Palace or any of our better Stately Homes.

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